Blue Filters: Do They Work?

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As we become exposed to more technology use, so too does our exposure to blue light.

It’s been a growing concern for many people as blue light has a number of health benefits, but an over-exposure can lead to lack of sleep and a slew of health problems. It’s, for this reason, a lot of people have been turning to blue filter apps and other alternatives.

But do they actually work?

There are many companies, ours included that claim that they do, but are they actually an effective measure in reducing or in some cases eliminating blue light?

First, let’s look into how they actually work.

How They Work


In many cases, the low-end apps offer some basic blue filter functions. These are basically the same as what computers and other devices come with. If the free stuff is as effective as what you get right out of the box for a computer, then you can be sure that it’ll do its job just fine.

How those apps manage to pull this off, and with other apps as well is that they shift the color tone.

They move away from blue and deviate towards the warmer parts like yellow, red, or orange.

What this leaves you with is a tint or sheen that is about that colour.

The ones where you need to pay and go above and beyond for these, in fact, quality apps will do such a good job you won’t even notice a difference at all.

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Are They Effective?

We have to say yes. Not because we are a company that specializes in blue filter apps and reducing blue light.

The reason is that our customers and many other companies have reported user results.

Those results have been overwhelmingly positive as people have reported they can sleep better, have fewer headaches from technology usage, and so much more.

Blue Filter Apps Are Only Half The Solution


But at the end of the day, the blue filter apps, at least the free ones are only half of the solution. The reason for that is fluorescent lights are also a source of blue light as well.

Since people opt to use their lights at night, they can still get an overexposure to blue light.

Furthermore, the free apps as mentioned only help in reducing blue light as opposed to blocking it.

The fix that those apps bring is temporary if you are someone who works or looks at a computer screen most of the time.


However, that is where our product comes in. As we mentioned before it works and people have reported that they sleep better and have fewer headaches.

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What’s also important to note is that our app completely blocks blue light by regulating blue light throughout the day. Users have also reported that a reduction in eye pain.

Lastly, our app can remove screen flickering entirely as well, ensuring we go above and beyond traditional apps to provide you with the best experience while also reducing blue light for you.

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