Blue Light Cut


Regardless of your age, you need to develop healthy habits to protect your eyes. If you frequently spend time watching videos on your computer screen or your mobile phones, your eyes might be exposed to a lot of blue light.

About Blue Light


Blue light is a part of the visible spectrum that has a harmful effect on your eyes. Blue light can be found everywhere. The sun’s ultraviolet rays have a blue light in it.

Digital devices and LED or light emitting diodes also emit a lot of blue light. If you are young, you need to get yourself a blue light cut.

The ocular lens pigment which protects the eyes from harmful light forms and develops during teenage years.

It is important to limit the exposure of children and adults alike in order to prevent any eye diseases such as cataracts for older people, and age-related macular degeneration.

Harmful Effects of Blue Light

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There are health problems that are related to blue light. Your circadian rhythm might get disrupted if you expose yourself to blue light before sleeping.

You might have a hard time learning and memorizing lessons. If you become an insomniac, it will lead to the increase of neurotoxin in the body which will make it harder to sleep.

People who have high levels of neurotoxin are prone to depression. People who are not getting a good night’s sleep are prone to eat more fatty food which can lead to obesity and other heart problems.

Our eye filter does not provide enough protection for a blue light cut.

Blue Light from Computers


With today’s technology advances, computers became a necessity. You can get a lot of information from your computer.

However, the computer can emit a lot of blue light without you realizing it. Blinking frequently can be a temporary solution in order to get a blue light cut or reduce your exposure to blue light.

If you are experiencing eye strain, you can also take breaks frequently or wear glasses.

However, there is another way that can help you reduce your exposure to blue light that can be very convenient for you.

Iris Software


Iris software was created with the goal of protecting your eyes from any harmful light that your computer emits.

This software optimizes the time of screen pulsating and reduces brightness at a certain time of the day on your computer.

The Iris software filters the blue light on your screen by switching it in the proper mode whether you are watching a movie, reading during nighttime, you are in a dark room and a lot more.


Some of the benefits that you can get with the Iris software are it enables you to see the dark screens better when you are watching a movie, use optimize color inversions, leaves the green color while reducing the blue color on your screen and a lot more.

For more information, you can visit Iris.

Download Iris

This will enable you to work more conveniently and without any hassles.

The software is automatic and your eyes are protected without compromising your entertainment or your work.

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