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Exposure to blue light is something that is becoming more and more common in everyday households. Blue light is the light in all of your electronic devices with screens such as TVs, tablets, phones, and laptops.

As people are becoming more fluent with technology and using it more often in their homes and at work, studies are beginning to show that all this technology use can actually be quite dangerous to our health and well-being due to our constant exposure to blue light.

Everything that is electronic and has a screen contains blue light which changes the color of the screen to a more attractive color, so it is quite inescapable, but there are things you can do to make it less harmful.


The Consequences of Too Much Blue Light Exposure



The bad health effects of constant blue light exposure include, but are not limited to, eye strain, eye irritation, migraines, headaches, insomnia, and bad sleeping patterns.

Some of the more major health concerns can be future nearsightedness in children and permanent retina damage.

Eye strain and eye irritation can be caused by staring into a screen that emits blue light for too long, and it is the most common health concern seen in people who use electronic devices excessively.

Migraines and headaches are another common concern seen in people.

However, migraines are a little more severe and are more likely to affect people who use computers for long hours in their workplace or school.


Insomnia and uneasy sleeping can affect anybody who uses electronic devices before bed or at night in a dark room.

The blue light is very severe in dark places so it can hurt someone badly when it is used for long periods of time in the dark.

If you are exposed to blue light for too long before bed, you won’t sleep very well because the blue light is like a signal to wake up your brain, and so your mind and conscious will be awake for a long time even if your body is tired.


The two more severe cases can happen if you let young children use electronics for too long.

Their young and sensitive eyes are easily harmed and they could become nearsighted when they are older due to too much blue light exposure.

The same goes for retina damage, though that could happen to anyone in the most extreme cases.

The Blue Light Dimmer App That Can Help


With the installation of a blue light dimmer app that can help minimize the harmful effects of blue light, all the bad health effects that are caused by blue light can be neutralized and not so likely in many cases.

One such blue light dimmer app is IrisΒ it is an extremely affordable and well-reviewed solution that has been tested and proven as a good option by many people already.


With the Iris software, you have full control over customization on all of your devices where Iris is installed.

Download Iris

You can control the brightness, the blue light levels, and the color saturation of any device at any time.

The blue light will not be such a health concern with the help of the blue light dimmer app like our software.

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