Blue Light Eye Damage


Blue light is one of the types of light on the light spectrum. It is the light that comes from the sun, as well as electronic devices.

There are two types of blue light, the good kind, and the bad kind. The blue light that comes from the sun is the good kind of blue light.

It is needed for our bodies to get Vitamin D and it helps boost our moods and thinking levels.

However, the blue light that comes from our tablets, TVs, and computer screens is not very beneficial and can be damaging for our eyes and overall health.

The Issue with Digital Blue Light

blue light harm eye harm eye problems

The main problem with digital blue light is that people are getting way too much of it and are starting to see and feel the negative health effects.

The average person and child can spend up to 9 hours a day on an electronic device, from which blue light is being emitted.

So why is it so bad exactly? Well, the most common problem people who have had too much exposure to blue light complain of is eye strain and eye irritation.

Symptoms of eye strain and eye irritation are fatigue, itchy eyes and headaches.

The long-term effect is possible retina damage and problems with vision as well as nearsightedness.


We are seeing these problems become more and more common in people who are on devices during their work day, as well as after work to relax.

These people are often not very young and may already be having problems with their eyesight and the constant exposure to digital blue light can only be making it worse.

Then there is the issue with children these days being on their computers and tablets for hours on end, which means they are also being exposed to the harmful blue light for hours too.

These children could grow up to have defects in their vision and chronic migraines at a later age.

How Iris Software Works Against Digital Blue Light


Iris Software is a way to combat the negative effects that blue light has on our health. You simply install the software on your devices and then set different modes that control and minimize the blue light that is being emitted.

You can fully customize how much blue light you want to be produced, the brightness levels and strength on yours and your children’s devices, as well as how strong the colour emittance is from all the devices.


Our software is affordable and very easy to install and navigate and definitely well worth the money when talking about you and your family’s wellbeing.

With Iris Software, you can be sure all of the negative effects of blue light from digital devices will be lessened and your health will be protected without having to give up time from devices.

Download Iris

Many testimonials on our website state seeing good effects in a short amount of time, and even some doctors have started using Iris Software on their devices.

They say it is a protective measure you definitely should think about taking.

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