Blue Light Eye Strain


Sunlight is a combination of red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, violet and blue light.

When all the colours are combined they create white light we all see from computers and more.

However, did you know that each of those individual lights has both different wavelengths as well as energy? It’s true.


While rays from red are longer wavelengths and have less energy, blue rays are shorter wavelength and have more energy.

Because of those shorter wavelengths and higher energy, the blue light can cause a lot of strain on eyes, especially children’s.

As a result, it’s important to take preventative measures as well as understand more about blue light.

Sources Of Blue Light

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First, we need to understand where the sources of blue light come from. As mentioned above, sunlight has a combination of lights.

This means the sun is the highest source of blue light. Controlling the sun is out of our control, however, there are other sources of blue light we can control.

Blue light also stems from fluorescent lights, compact fluorescent light bulbs, LED light, flat screen LED TVs, as well as any computer, smartphone, and tablets.


Of course, these are small compact devices making the exposure small in comparison to the sun.

The concern though stems from the long-term usage of those items.

Furthermore, the damages of blue light can come faster depending on the eye’s proximity to screens and for how long they are exposed to it.

Is Blue Light Good For You?

Another thing to talk about is whether blue light is good for you. The truth is, blue light is good for you in proper amounts.

Blue light helps in boosting alertness, memory, and even improves mood.

Blue light also helps in developing eyes as well as vision as a child and even regulates circadian rhythm (the body’s wake and sleep cycle)

That being said, too much blue light can cause a lot of damages. It can cause digital eye strain and also retina damage as well.

How To Protect From Blue Light


Because we spend so much time with technology, it’s important to take preventative measures.

The first big thing you can do is reduce screen time.

This means taking frequent breaks to allow your eyes to rest.

Some other things to consider are computer glasses which provide yellow tinted lenses and blocks blue light.

If worse comes to worse, your child or you can get anti-reflective lenses which reduce glare as well as block blue light from devices and the sun.

Protect Your Eyes


The last preventative measure you can consider as well is to try out filters or find some helpful apps.

We launched a helpful app that reduces blue light exposure on devices.

Download Iris

With the reduced blue light, individuals can find that they get better sleep, removes flickering of the screen and blue light, reduces the pain in the eyes, and so much more.

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