Blue Light Filter For Laptop Screen

It is an undeniable fact that the most sensitive part of our body is the pair of eyes we have and we it is sad to know that we all are destroying our eyes without even knowing the cause of it.

You see more than half of the population of the world is suffering from weak eyesight problem and many have even lost their vision permanently not knowing the reason behind it.

Studies and researches show that almost all the eye and vision-related issues are somehow connected with the exposure of blue light to the eye.

Blue light is found everywhere around us and Sun is known to be the major blue light provider but you definitely cannot stop going under the Sun.

However, what you can do is that you can apply blue light filters on your phone and laptop screens.

Unfortunately, our phone screens only have a fraction of the blue light that the Sun has but as we all spend too much time on our phone screens which is where the problem begins.

The Solution To The Problem

Now, you might be wondering how exactly can you get rid of this problem and what factors can reduce the stress and strain on your eyes.

Well, don’t worry because again, we are here for you to figure things out.

Now, you see you are no left with much choice when it comes to the solution of your problem, either you have to stop using your phones and laptops or you have to use the blue light filters for your laptop screens and we are pretty sure that you would go for the second option because in this age you cannot simply stop using your cellphone’s and other devices.

Now you might be wondering what and where will you find the blue light filter for your laptop and phone screens.

Well, for this Google is your best friend and you can find plenty of applications and software online that can help you with the adjustment of the blue light of your screens.

These applications and software like Iris are no less than a blessing and with them, you will be able to enjoy using your phone and laptop as much as you want too.

How Does Iris Help?

Now, for all those who want to know what Iris is and how it works, well, let us make it clear and easy to understand for you.

Iris is basically a software that can be downloaded and installed easily.

The basic function of this software is to adjust the blue light of your screen as per the light around you.

It can sense the light around you and then it adjusts everything accordingly.

The best part about it is that you will no longer feel any strain or stress on your eyes and ultimately you will be able to have a sound sleep at night.

You can also use it’s extended values to increase or suspend the melatonin secretion.

With this software, even if you spend the whole day on your screen, you won’t feel tired or stressed because that is the specialty of Iris, it is made all for the betterment and comfort of people so that they can protect their eyes and their vision from all sorts of diseases and issues.

The best part about Iris is that with it all the strain on your eyes is gone and this software adjusts the light in such an amazing way that it becomes very comfortable for your eyes to look and work on the screen all day long.

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