Blue Light Filter for PC


In the current world where everything is automated, it is nearly next to impossible to live without computers. Almost all businesses use some kind of technology in order to be successful.

Part of Everyday Life

Inside an office, computers make staffs productive and efficient. Computers help save valuable time by automating the communication process, printing reports and memos, and a lot more.

In a school setting, computers are important since students can learn and comprehend lessons easier through the use of presentations, videos and audios.

In higher institutions, researchers, scientists, and professors can read a lot of studies, do a lot of experiments and research about past and present events with the help of the internet.

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A computer is also a big part of the entertainment and social networking industry.

You can message someone on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, watch Youtube videos, movies or read novels, books, and articles on the internet.

Computers and Blue Light


Too much exposure with computers can have harmful effects on your eyes. This is because computers are emitting blue light.

Blue light is generally defined as the high-energy visible light that can be found in the color spectrum.

Frequent proximity to blue light causes concerns for eye doctors and a lot of healthcare professionals.


There are already studies that show too much exposure to blue light can be very unhealthy.

Blue light can cause eye strain, affects the circadian rhythm or the body clock and can cause insomnia.

You can take frequent breaks if you are frequently looking on your computer screens or wear glasses.

However, glasses and breaks can be a short-term solution to a long-term problem. You need to get a blue light filter for PC.

Eyes Blocking the Blue Light


Your eye is not very good at blocking the blue lights that are emitted from your computer screens.

The cornea and the lens can block ultraviolet rays from reaching your eye retina.

However, blue light can directly reach your retina with ease if you are not wearing protective eyeglasses.

A blue light filter for PC can easily protect your eyes. One of the best and most recommended software is Iris.

Iris Software Can Help You


Iris is the perfect tool that is used by millions of users on their computer screen.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a student, a teacher, or an athlete, you can be assured that your eyes get the maximum protection that they deserve.

Iris can simply remove the blue light from your computer, reduce your eyestrain by automatically adjusting your brightness, and help you sleep better.

Download Iris

With our software, you can adjust the color temperature, brightness, and color settings of your screen in the level which your eye is comfortable.

The people behind Iris have extensively studied the human eye and the color spectrum.

You are guaranteed that you are in the hands of experts when it comes to getting a blue light filter for PC.

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