Blue Light Filter Glasses

Computers are a big part of our lives, but they bring health problems that you might not even realize.

One of the top problems we face when we use any sort of computer is eye strain.

This strain on our eyes can be corrected with blue light filter glasses which do an excellent job at reducing eye strain and other issues.

Where to Get Blue Light Filter Glasses

You don’t need a prescription to buy blue light filter glasses as they can be worn just like a regular pair of glasses.

If you have a prescription, your doctor can fit you with a pair that will also offer the blue light filter as well as work with your prescription.

You can buy the glasses online through many online retailers or you can get them through your eye doctor.

There are many styles and colors to choose from as they are just like regular glasses. You use these glasses when you work on a computer to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue.

What to Look For

You should look for glasses that offer good protection and ones that are produced by a top retailer.

You don’t want to buy cheap glasses as you won’t get the maximum benefit from them.

You will avoid eye strain with blue light glasses, so they are a smart option if you face eye fatigue often.

Advantages of Blue Light Filter Glasses

  • Protect Your eyes from eye strain
  • Come in many colors and styles


  • Can be very expensive
  • You need to wear them each time you use a computer
  • They may break or wear down and you’ll need a new pair

Why Glasses Aren’t the Best Solution

Blue light filter glasses seem like a good idea to reduce eye strain and they do help, but they aren’t the best option.

Today, you can use special software with your operating system that reduces blue light and have less eye fatigue.

This software makes it easy to reduce blue light and it’s less expensive than glasses which you need to use each time you use a computer.

If you forget your glasses, you still have eye strain.

With software, your eyes are protected each time you use the computer.

The software can even help you get a better quality of sleep.

There are many different blue light programs you can buy in the market which make a better solution to blue light filter glasses.

How Iris Software Can Help

If you don’t want to use blue light filter glasses and would like to try software to correct blue light issues, you can tryΒ Iris software.

This software works on various operating systems and is the right solution to address blue light.

You will have less eye strain and eye pain.

The software is ready to go each time you use your computer.

You won’t need to worry about forgetting your blue light filter glasses at home as the software provided by Iris does all the work.

Iris has the blue light software solution that you need.

One thought on “Blue Light Filter Glasses

  1. Hi Daniel (and other readers of these informative articles),

    This is a fascinating topic and I am quite impressed how IRIS has capitalised on this very real need when it comes to sleep science.

    I just want to add that the need for amber-tinted glasses stems from more than just the need to combat eye-strain. The more serious concern related to nocturnal use of electronic devices relates the the correlation between Melatonin (our body’s sleep hormone) production attenuation and blue-light exposure. This circadian rhythm subversion is a critical factor when deliberating around blue-light emitting devices/lamps and it leads to serious sleep disorders. (I know you have alluded to this in another article…)

    I work for a Specialist Ophthalmic Surgeon who has much experience in neurophysiology alongside his passion for eye health. He also struggled with sleep deprivation for many years and as a result became intrigued by the field of sleep science.

    Hence, he took to the lab and was among the first people world-wide to scientifically develop a type of amber-tinted lens (Blue-light filter glass) that blocks out the specific bandwidth of blue light (460 – 480nm) in the light spectrum that is complicit in melatonin production attenuation.

    Called SleepSpec, these glasses have been used by regular users, as well as various high-level sports teams across the globe (Ireland, USA, UK & South Africa). The SleepSpec Shades dramatically aided athletes with the effects of jet-lag and increased light-exposure.

    Basically, melatonin production naturally kicks in 2 hours before sleep-state should set in. Thus, if you are going to be exposed to ANY light source that emits the 460-480nm blue light (which includes pretty much ALL modern lighting and electronic devices), you could just pop on your SleepSpec and continue as normal. Your body’s natural melatonin production would then be protected, thereby protecting your circadian rhythm and sleep quality.

    Inasmuch as products like IRIS Software takes care of mitigating blue-light emission from electronic devices (such as smart phones, computers and tablets), people who watch a lot of TV at night, or who are just generally exposed to a lot of artificial lighting in their immediate environment are still vulnerable.

    Wearing SleepSpec would stand all such individuals in excellent stead. By popping on the SleepSpec Shades (in the same fashion Daniel suggested above) 2 hours before planned bedtime you can be assured that any negative effect of blue light in your environment is completely eliminated.

    Of course, using IRIS Software would be extremely helpful if you are using a lot of e-devices.

    Alongside the tinted shades (for kids and adults), SleepSpec also provides tinted flashlights and tinted night lights

    Hope this is useful to you and your readers! It won’t solve ALL sleep disorders, but it would go a long way in aiding users who are night-owls, or who need to work late and who want to protect their quality sleep.


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