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Blue light from phones computer associated with prostate cancer risk

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These days, the number of computer and smartphone users has increased manifolds.

What many are not aware of is the fact that these technological devices which are found to be extremely useful in life also may cause potential eye harm to one’s health.

According to researches, blue light emerging from cell phones are likely to disrupt circadian rhythms.

As a result, they are disrupting sleep and leading to poor sleep quality.

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Studies have also concluded that blue light emerging from home devices and street lamps may enhance prostate cancer risk.

Data from researches have also shown that external light, when blocked using dark window shades, is likely to reduce cancer development risks.

Moreover, using blue light filter apps like Iris blue light reducer app will prove to be useful to safeguard the eyes and also to get good sleep.

Risks faced with Blue LightΒ 

Health professionals state that using cell phones late at night will only keep the user awake and do away with his sleep.

New studies have further revealed that browsing the web in bed will lead to prostate cancer.

These are day-to-day devices such as computer screens, street lamps, and cell phones tend to emit blue light.

Researches do show that this light is harmful tends to disrupt the human body’s circadian rhythms.

This is achieved with the blue light confusing the body during sleeping time.

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Evidence also has shown that it may increase the risk of cancer in people.

Studies have further revealed that blue light exposure at night will only double the risk of prostate cancer in man and development of breast cancer in women by about 1.5 times.

To determine if the evening glow is dangerous by which level, researchers had compiled data from over 4,000 people.

The participants include those facing breast and prostate cancers or devoid of cancer and of ages 20 to 85.

Questionnaires were used to evaluate bedroom environments, like if people slept in dimly lit or dark rooms, used photographs from space for capturing blue lightΒ reducer levels found outdoors.

Results of the StudyΒ 

The study found out that areas having heavy outdoor lighting and brighter bedrooms were associated with higher prostate cancer risk.

With cities and towns replacing older lighting and using the latest technological devices like computer and phones, people are exposed to good amounts of blue lights.

This will only disrupt the biological clocks. This way, a strong link has been found with blue light and eye sleep.

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However, the study is not found to show causation, but a link is derived between prostate cancer and blue light.

Further studies were carried out to determine if addiction to the smartphone is really deadly!

Also were studied duringΒ night time exposure towards a lowΒ blue light that is emitted by the modern phones.

Such a thing is being associated with cancer risk.

The studies did state that using blue light filters like the IrisΒ blue light reducer app will prevent any blue light harm.

That way, making it completely safe for the phone to be used at night for hours together without any worry about eye health and sleep quality.

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However, still, medical experts do advise limiting the usage of the phone before going to bed.

They also recommend installing reliable computer screen dimmer apps that make phone viewing completely safe.

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