Blue Light Screen Filter

If you suffer from computer eye strain, you may be looking for a blue light screen filter.

In today’s world of high technology, we spend even more time than we may like on our computer screen.

This intense screen time can cause eye strain and fatigue due to blue light.

This light emitted from our computer screen tends to fatigue the eyes over time and can make you uncomfortable or even cause headaches or other eye problems.

It’s a good idea to use a filter to reduce eyes strain.

Here are a few ways you can address blue light eye strain and the best solution for this common problem.

Solving Blue Light Issues

The easiest way to reduce blue light eye strain is to stay away from your computer screen.

This means taking hourly breaks and resting your eyes before you go back to work.

For most of us, this is impractical as we need to be at our computers for long hours to get work done.

If you reduce your computer time too much, this can lead to less productivity and you might not finish projects in time.

Another solution to blue light is to get a blue light screen filter. You can buy eyeglasses that solve this problem, but you need to wear these glasses every time you’re at the computer.

These glasses can sometimes be expensive.

You may forget or even break them and need to buy a new pair.

For some people, blue light glasses may be a great solution, but for others, it’s not the best idea.

Another way to address the issue is with special software.

Blue Light Screen Filter Software

Blue light screen filter software installs on your computer and works to protect your eyes.

You won’t need glasses and you can get the software for many different operating systems such as Windows 10.

This software reduces eye strain, eye pain, and can help you sleep better at night.

Some software features different modes, so the program will work the way you want.

Other programs have handy pre-sets, so you can be up and running with your blue light screen filter in no time at all and your eyes will be protected.

You can also set the software to various types, so you get the filter style you need.

Iris Software

If you have been looking for software, but can’t find a good program, you should look at Iris software which we made to be an excellent filter.

Iris software has pre-sets, various type of filters, and modes so you can use this software just the way you want.

It works with many different operating systems, so you won’t have to buy any additional programs.

You will have a robust blue light screen filter which will help protect your eyes from eye strain.

You reduce headaches and eye fatigue when you use the Iris software.

If you suffer from eye strain, get a good blue light screen filter such as the excellent Iris software.

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