Blue Light Wake Up App


Light contains particles that are electromagnetic and are said to travel in waves where they emit energy both in length and strength.

More energy is produced when the wavelength is short where a nanometer is used to measure the length 1nm is equalled to 1 billionth meter.

Different wavelengths appear in different colour where they are categorized into different groups.

These categories include:

Ultraviolet rays, infrared light radio waves, gamma rays, visible rights and x-rays.


The human eye is only capable of recognizing just one spectrum which is the visible right which is an electromagnetic spectrum which is seen as different colours such as; indigo, blue, violet, red, yellow and orange.

The blue light is known for producing a higher amount of energy due to its very short wavelength.

Long exposure to blue light spectrum can bring damages to the eye as the study shows.

How to use blue light wake up app


The blue light wake up app acts effectively when you need help in waking up, the app has natural processes that are contained in the blue light therapy app.

It will take 2-4 minutes to get out of bed and continue with your normal day rather than spending so much time swiping and snoozing in bed.

The suprachiasmatic nuclear is said to stimulate the brain and activate it using the blue light and it’s responsible for waking up and sleeping transition.


Effects of the blue light filter

  • Your mood gets boosted within a short time.
  • Getting out of bed gets easier.
  • You always stay alert.
  • You’ll have a smiling face.
  • You stay motivated throughout the day.

How to use it

  • The blue light wake up app is meant for waking you so don’t use it at night.
  • Use it in the morning when the room is well lit.
  • Prepare the device before you go to sleep.
  • Use the control centre to disable night shift feature.
  • Set brightness to the maximum.
  • Set it to play for up to 4 mins.
  • Play with the ripple effect by touching the screen.
  • At night always remember to restore brightness.

Iris software


This is the simplest and great way to use as an alternative.

The Iris software is able to work without PWM where it regulates the brightness of the monitor where the backlight flicker-frequency does not require any changes or even current through backlit.

To move the white point of the monitor, it only requires a video card which will emit big brightness and be able to keep it in a moderate range.

Depending on the time of the day, Iris software can be adjusted so that the screen can detect the light that is found at night.

Download Iris

Iris is suitable for effective solutions and pocket-friendly where it does not make any effects on the monitor which has PWM flicker.

PWM is known to cause dry eyes, strains and headaches.

The Iris software will control the viewing and give you a different colored view that is safer for your eyes and your overall health.

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