Best Monitor Brightness and Contrast Settings for Eyes

and Why they are important for your eyes’ health

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Too much contrast and brightness on your monitor can cause eye problems.

That is the reason why your monitor must have the right contrast and brightness settings.

So, what’s the most ideal setting to protect your eyes from any harm?

Why are Monitor Brightness, Gamma, and Contrast Important?

Many people spend between three to ten hours a day in front of computers and for this reason, some complain about eye dryness and strain.

It causes headaches and some vision-related concerns.

It is essential to have great quality monitor for computers, yet at the same time, you must adjust the settings of your monitor for it to be suitable for your eyes.

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Test Your Contrast

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Increase your monitor’s contrast on a medium value like 60 to 70 percent and try keeping a distance of your monitor and eyes around a meter.

Then, check whether extreme sharpness or distortion happens to the images or some things on your screen.

If yes, adjust the set value accordingly.

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Now that you have optimized the contrast value of your monitor, the next thing you should do is to set your brightness.

Test Your Brightness in a Simple Way

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Before you change the monitor’s brightness, see the different shades available. If you aren’t able to determine the shades, adjust your monitor’s brightness.

For a more accurate brightness value, go for adjusting the brightness in an extreme manner. In this test, you will need to determine extreme white and extreme black shades.

Try getting the 5 percent and 95 percent shade different than 0 percent and 100 percent shade.

If you have visualized and differentiated the extreme shades, you’re now ready with the perfect value of contrast and brightness on your monitor.

Having healthy eyes will work more than a painful one.

Therefore, always keep track of your overall health and keep your eyes cool and clean by adjusting the monitor brightness and contrast.

You can also use an eye protection software like Iris to keep your eyes pain-free and healthy when you’re using your monitor.

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How Can Iris Help You Protect Your Eyes?

Iris is a blue light filter that is designed for eye protection.

It improves your sleep by gradually regulating blue light night and day.

With this, your body will be able to generate more melatonin during night time, enabling you to sleep deeper and fall asleep faster.

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Iris can also help you prevent eye strain, which optimizes screen pulsations by controlling the how bright it is without PWM.

This only means that you will be able to your computer for a long period of time without experiencing headaches. This software will also let you experience relief from eye pain.

The reason behind it is that this will match the brightness of your screen to the light that surrounds you.

Various presets will adjust your screen automatically, allowing you to feel like you’re reading a book.

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So, if you want to experience ease and convenience when setting the brightness and contrast of your monitor, make sure to get a software like Iris.

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