7 Tips for eye protection in front of the PCand which one works best for you

Does this sound familiar to you? Long work days grinding in front of the computer. Even longer sleepless nights. Swollen eyelids, puffy eyes. You coming home looking like a vampire. The kids cry when they see you, the dog hides under the table. Do you want to feel better? Sleep better? Be healthier? Check out these 7 tips for protecting … Read More

How computers affect our health

As it’s not that uncommon, it’s very likely that you work a sedentary job and you have to stay in front of the computer for hours. With the technical advancements, nowadays, every company is a technology company. As a result, the use of digital technologies is an essential requirement. Given that most of us are preoccupied, we may not even … Read More

Best Background Color to Reduce Eye Strain

Did you know that the wrong choice of background color for your computer screen can lead to eye strain? In this world that has gotten more obsessed with technology, most of your devices have screens that can cause modern kind of eye strain. Once left unchecked, this eye strain can cause major eye and medical issues including blurred vision, macular … Read More

Are blue light filter apps effective?

Are you losing sleep because of extended hours of staring at your screens? Some people work over time. And some people falsely believed that browsing the internet on their phone before going to sleep will help them doze off easily. Science it has already been established that the emitted blue light from our phone and computer screens can disrupt our … Read More

Best RGB settings for eyes

If you sit in front of the computer multiple hours per day, you can end up with eye strain and other similar issues. Plus, what looks good on your computer usually ends up leading to eye fatigue. If you think that the RGB settings matter here and they can cause some vision issues, that’s most likely the case. The reason … Read More

Evolution – How Eyes Evolvedand the story of our eyes