Eye Problems

12 Things you need to know about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)


11 ways we Strain our Eyes with ComputersAnd how to deal with them

Introduction People spend most their waking hours staring at screens. Whether you work in an office, lay in bed browsing on your phone all day or play games on your PC all night, you probably spend about ten hours in front of a screen every day. That has a significant effect on your body and health, but most importantly your … Read More

Eye Pain

Eye pain – Almost anything you need to know   Table of contents Leading causes of eye pain Different types of eye pain How to prevent eye pain     Eyes are one of the most important and used human parts. Unfortunately in the time we live our eyes are exposed to Π° lot of dangers. Main causes of eye … Read More

How to Easily Remove Eye Strain While Gaming

Hi Gamer, Have you ever imagined that there is a way to play more and harder without getting your eyes red, sore and strained? There is! Actually… there are a lot of easy and quick ways on how to do it so you can practice more and become just like one of the mega cool guys in the picture above … Read More

Why would someone turn off their laptop’s night mode if it helps reduce eye strain?

It may be that you are a designer (work with colors) or just don’t like dark mode and don’t use it despite the fact that it’s better for your eyes If any of the above is you and you still want to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes you can try a blue light reduction program like Iris Iris … Read More

Why would my eyes feel tired all the time?

Is it possible that you are spending a lot of time in front of a screen? It can be a monitor, a TV or any other digital thing that emits light The problem with that is that screens (monitors) emit a lot of Blue Light That can be the cause of dry eyes or why your eyes are tired all … Read More

Why do tears come out of my left eye, randomly?

Eyes can become damaged in the long run when spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. Here are a couple of things you can do: Take regular breaks from your computer, you can use some sort of timer to remind you so you don’t forget to take a break Reduce PWM flicker, your monitor turns on and … Read More

Why are there sometimes redness around my iris?

First of all, it is very important to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or fingers as they may have irritants that will further inflame them. This may cause your eyes to be more reddish and irritated There’s a thing called Computer Vision Syndrom (CVS) caused by looking at your computer screen for too long. If you spend a … Read More

What is the actual reason for left eye flickering?

Most of the time it’s due to the fact that you’re tired You might have not been able to sleep well last night or feel severe eye strain, have red eyes, you might be under a lot of stress or even have consumed a tad too much alcohol All this can cause left eye flicker and most of these symptoms … Read More

What can cause a pulsating eye pain?

Chances are that your vision is imbalanced When eyes and brain try hard to compensate with each other due to vision problems then chances are that you get pain behind your eyes The vision gets blurred most of the times but in some cases, the change is so little that it is hard to figure it out by yourself This … Read More