Eye Pain

Home remedies for Pain behind right Eye

Home remedies are the most effective way of treating frequent ailments because an excessive use of the harmful medicines can cause even bigger problems in the body. Be it cancer or something very ordinary such as a headache, home remedies work the best without causing any disastrous side effects. Pain behind the right eye is commonly termed as a headache … Read More

Muscles related to Pain in the Eye socket

The eye is the most sensitive part of the human body. It easily gets affected by the surroundings no matter how hard you try to protect it. Eyes are exposed to sunlight, air, and other natural features. People are now opting for permanent medical treatments to get rid of their eye problems. However, the pain in the eye socket is … Read More

Why Eye pain causes Headache?

Headache is regularly felt in an assortment of spots on the head, including the sinuses, temple, and behind the eyes. Eye pain related to a migraine can be caused by a couple of various sorts of cerebral pains, and other apparently inconsequential conditions. Be that as it may, paying little mind to the reason, this kind of agony can be … Read More

What is the difference between Pressure and Sinus Eye Pain

A remarkable pressure behind eyes doesn’t generally come from an issue inside the eyes. It more often begins in another area of your head. In spite of the fact that eye pathologies can cause eye pain as well as vision issues, they seldom cause pressure. Eye pathologies like pink eye, hypersensitivities can lead to eye torment, however not pressure. The … Read More

What causes Pain behind the Eye?

In spite of the fact that it is normal for individuals to experience the ill effects of an agony behind their eye, it can, in any case, be disturbing and additionally horrendously awkward. More often than not when somebody encounters torment behind your left eye it isn’t a difficult issue and try not to be excessively concerned unless you are … Read More

Tips to Reduce right Eye pain

What is right Eye pain? The right eye pain is a result of the affective approach of the nerve cells of the human body which detect some fault ion the part of the body and leads to a pain in that part of the body. The right eye pain is due to both internal and external factors. The internal factors … Read More

Permanent relief from Pain under The Eye

Eyes being the most sensitive part hold the topmost attention in getting treated if something goes wrong because ignorance can lead to serious problems so pain under eye should never be left unnoticed. Sore Eyes Sore eyes are a wide term comprising different eye condition under one heading. The eyes may feel as something is bothering it or they may … Read More

Muscles related to pain in the Eye socket

The eye is very sensitive to light and other factors. It lacks the protections of skin, injury of eyes. The intensive pain of the eye is very Β rare. The eye involved the behind cornea, central whites of the eye. Any infection is very cornea, iris and inflammation. Conjunctivitis, Keratitis, Scleritis, Neuritis, Blepharitis are the main causes of the treatment. Some … Read More

Is Stabbing Eye Pain Dangerous?

Visual torment or stabbing eye pain may originate from various conditions in the eye or its region. An agony or cerebral pain behind the eye is frequently an indication of a more prominent issue. That being stated, the reason for the stabbing eye pain isn’t generally simple to decide and can be damn risky once in a while. The pain … Read More

Is Pain behind left Eye associated with a Migraine?

Migraine and Eye pain Migraine is generally associated with a severe headaches. Different kinds of headaches are due to a migraine. Pain behind left eye is also due to the migraine. The pain due to migraine can occur on both sides of the head .Β Pain in the left eye may occur due to many reasons. To predict that if pain … Read More