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WordPress Integrated Blocks Common Blocks Paragraph TODO Heading TODO List TODO Image TODO Download Button TODO Gallery TODO Quote TODO Audio TODO Cover TODO File TODO Video TODO Formatting Classic Classic Classic Classic Classic Classic Classic Classic Classic Layout Elements TODO Subblock TODO Subblock TODO Subblock TODO Subblock TODO Subblock TODO Subblock TODO Subblock Widgets TODO Subblock TODO Subblock TODO … Read More

Test feedback

Съвети и препоръки за промотиране на Iris в Quora

Какво е Quora? Quora е най-голямата Q&A платформа в момента Идеята и е проста, задаваш въпрос, някой идва и ти отговаря, съответно има някои мерки, които предотвратяват грешната информация, така че отговорите да са максимално вярни и най-важното, да няма спам Готиното е, че може да дойде и да ти отговори някой много важен човек, например Bill Gates Хората задават … Read More

Influencers Promo Materials

Hi and thanks for putting your trust in Iris 🙂 We always try to be different and to provide the best possible experience with our product to everyone This is also valid for our work with Influencers, Connectors, Brands, Distributors, Affiliates, Resellers, and all our partners and people who help us to reach more people. My name is Daniel and … Read More

PHP Loops Test

  <?php $i = 0; for(;$i<=10;$i+=2);{ echo $i; } ?> What will the output be? <?php $i = 1; for(;$i<=10;$i+=2);{ echo $i; } ?> What will the output be?

Remove Local Commits

I lot of times I make this mistake to try to commit to Github some file which is 2 GB and it fails on the push And the problem comes when trying to remove this file it’s still committed So you need to delete your last commits but this will also delete all other changes What I do is to … Read More


Абсолютно всички възражения при продажби се свеждат до 3 основни: Не харесвам продукта ти Не ти вярвам Не вярвам на компанията ти И за да направим продажба човекът отсреща трябва: Да обожава продукта ни Да ни вярва напълно Да вярва напълно на компанията ни Отделно от това идва въпроса за цената, но това реално се отнася, че човека всъщност си … Read More

Business Tariffs

Business Tariffs for companies in US and outside of EU Tariffs for companies in United States and all countries outside of European Union 1 Month Subscription/1 PC – $1.99 Lifelong license without updates/1 PC – $14.99 Lifelong with future updates and tech support/1 PC – $49.99 Business discount for many licenses 0 – 10 machines – 5% discount 10 – 100 … Read More

What is Iris?

EN Iris is software which makes Monitors healthy for the eyes. With Iris, you can reduce the Blue Light emitted from your screen for better sleep, reduce the Brightness of your screen without PWM and avoid eye pain. Iris is software which makes monitors more healthy for the eyes. It automatically adapts to the light around you reduces the blue … Read More

URLs for Problem Solving To open Iris UI To reset orange or double orange colors when Iris has crashed or some other problem To reset Iris settings to default To check the user Iris settings if everything seems fine To activate Iris license automatically. CODE is the activation code (Example: code123) Invite Friends If you invited someone and … Read More