New payment model 2018

Hi guys, There were 2 big problems with the price of Iris before.   The first thing was that in order to not charge people multiple times I made Iris payments to be lifelong per version.   This means that when you buy Iris you can use it forever but if you want to get the latest version I’m developing … Read More

Test Iris mini buy button Test Iris buy button [:bg]Test Iris mini buy button Test Iris lite buy button Test Iris buy button

Testing twitter automation

Happy Fools Day

Hi, I don’t lie, but I just wanted to say to you Happy fools day from Iris 🙂

Website redesign

Hi guys, I was redesigning Iris website this days. I just wanted to tell you so you will not be shocked when you open it. This is a small step toward more beautifull Iris and more content on the website. I am not a designer and if you have any suggestions, write to me 😛 Dani

All Iris versions

Hi, You can now find all Iris versions here: More info why in GitHub from this post: Thank you GitHub Sorry for the problems with the downloads Dani

Thank you GitHub

For saving my ass again. So what was the story today. One user wrote to me that Iris is not compatible with Windows 7. I immediately installed Windows 7 and tested and everything was OK. Then I tried to download the new Iris version from this site. And the .exe was broken. Why? Couple of weeks ago the Iris server … Read More

Future plans

I decided to posts about the future plans in order to get some feedback and discussion going. For the future we plan: Adding temperature config – like the brightness config it will be possible to customize your colour temp hour Autochange color temp based on location – Iris will automatically find your location on the earth and based on this … Read More

Mac version – One step closer

We are really happy to say that the things with the Mac version started working really well. On our latest test it looks and works even better than the windows version. See for yourself 🙂 Expect Iris for Mac soon

Iris for Mac

We make a photo of our MacBook screen. Do you like it? 😛