Iris Changelog

You can check the latest version of Iris for your operating system here:   Windows versions macOS versions Linux Other OS   Windows versions   NEW version 1.1.7 for Windows Fixed Preview on different monitors Removed and rearranged menus Added debug menu for easy sharing bugs with our support Fixed switch between advanced and simple view Added in Invite friends … Read More

Iris 0.0.3 for iOS

Fixed this error when installing

Iris 0.0.2 for iOS

Fixed Iris for iOS to work on iPhone 3 Fixed gamma changes on different iPhones and iPads

Iris 0.0.1 for iOS

Hello, So this is something new that I hope you will like. I made the first version of Iris for iOS 🙂 I can’t publish it to the AppStore, but you can sideload it and I will also upload it to Cydia 🙂 With love, Daniel <3