Iris mini 0.1.6 for Mac OSX

Hi, This is updated version of Iris mini with notifications when no internet connection activation. For Mac OSX over 10.6.8. There is also Iris mini for Mac OSX 10.6.8, but chechout the posts to find it Daniel  

Iris mini 0.1.5 for Mac OSX

Hi, In this version there are hidden features for Mac also and now Iris mini will start at startup on Mac Enjoy, Daniel

Iris mini 0.1.2 for Mac OSX

Hi, I fixed some problems with pro activation not working and this is updated version with the new awesome UI Daniel

Iris mini 0.0.4 for Mac OSX

Iris mini for OSX

Iris free 0.0.3 for Mac OSX

Hi, Iris free 0.0.2 was not working, because I forgot to link one lib. This build fixes this issue. Dani

Iris free 0.0.2 for Mac OSX

Hi, I made free Iris free version for OSX. You can now enjoy blue light and brightness reduction on your Mac. It uses the Iris colors lite open source core not the main Iris code. I had some problems with OSX and there is flicker of colors when you change them, because child process is called. Unfortunately I cannot fix … Read More