Iris mini

Iris mini Installer for Windows (Minor Build)

Added mode dropdown to the tray icon Disable calibration after color range expand Crash course after calibration finished

Iris mini for Mac OSX (Minor Build)

This version is fix for Dr. Jay problem about flickering when computer goes on from standby Also some tray icon fix for example to switch to Manual mode when you click some option, because people write to me that it’s not working when on Automatic and find it confusing Daniel 🙂

Iris mini Installer for Windows (Minor Build)

Fixed the Manual mode not changing

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux 64-bit

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux 32-bit

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux

Iris mini 0.3.7 Installer for Windows

Start adding code for keyboard shortcuts in Iris mini and several bug fixes

Iris mini 0.3.6 Installer for Windows

Bug fixes and the new licensing model. Switched to VS 2013 again

Iris mini 0.3.5 Installer for Windows

Fix Iris mini to work on Windows XP and Windows Vista

Iris mini 0.3.3 Installer for Windows

Fix for application failed because it could not find or load the Qt Platform plugin “Windows” Fix for ORDINAL NOT FOUND. THE ORDINAL 4430 COULD NOT BE LOCATED IN THE DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY LIBEAY32.DLL Daniel