Iris free

Iris free 0.0.3 for Mac OSX

Hi, Iris free 0.0.2 was not working, because I forgot to link one lib. This build fixes this issue. Dani

Iris free 0.0.2 for Mac OSX

Hi, I made free Iris free version for OSX. You can now enjoy blue light and brightness reduction on your Mac. It uses the Iris colors lite open source core not the main Iris code. I had some problems with OSX and there is flicker of colors when you change them, because child process is called. Unfortunately I cannot fix … Read More

Iris free 0.0.1 for Windows

This page is outdated and Iris is much better now. Download the latest version from the Iris homepage. The bellow version may use a lot of CPU and don’t have any kinds of automation If you want free Iris, download Iris mini Hi, Finally totally free version of Iris specially for you 🙂 This is lite version with only blue … Read More