The Complete User Guide to Iris

Често срещани проблеми при потребители на Irisи как да ги решим

Тук ще разгледаме често срещани проблеми, които имат потребителите при използване на Iris Как да активирам? Купих си Iris, но все още пише че изтича, какво да правя? Това се случва, защото потребителят не е активирал Iris след като си го е купил Потребителят получава активационен код след покупка, който може да сложи в Iris, за да активира Това, което … Read More

How can I set a night mode on Windows 7?

Windows 7 has a built-in good looking dark mode You can download a software like Iris, it has a smart inversion mode which will let you have a dark mode on anything you want and at the same time look better than simply inverting every single color. Also, you will benefit from Iris main function, which is saving your eyes … Read More

How can I enable night mode on Windows 8.1?

While there seems to be a way to activate night mode for some apps on Windows, I find it time-consuming and the theme – boring and not full What you can do is download Iris. This software has a smart inversion mode (a couple, if I have to be accurate) that will let you have a night mode on everything, … Read More

Does lot of exposure to computer screen and laptop screen cause dry eyes or is it age-related problem?

Actually, both can cause dry eyes and while we can’t fix the aging problem (yet), we can fix the toxic exposure from a computer screen. The main 2 bad things that monitors do are: Emit Blue LightArtificial blue light is very bad for our eyes and at the same time, it’s emitted by almost everything. It prevents us from having … Read More

Shortcuts page help

Mouse pausers page

Sleep page

From this page, you can select the amount of Blue Light and Screen Brightness that is being emitted from your screen during the sleep hours that you’ve set This way you can have a specific amount of Blue Light and Screen Brightness at a specific time of day/night that you want From the first two options you can select the … Read More

Lightness page

Transition page

From the Transition page, you can set the duration of different smooth transitions. The transition is the time when Iris goes between day and night mode for example. The longer the transition the more smooth the colors will change to more orange and red or too bright screen. Some people like instant transition why others prefer the transition to be … Read More