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Shortcuts page help

Mouse pausers page

Sleep page

From this page, you can select the amount of Blue Light and Screen Brightness that is being emitted from your screen during the sleep hours that you’ve set This way you can have a specific amount of Blue Light and Screen Brightness at a specific time of day/night that you want From the first two options you can select the … Read More

Lightness page

Transition page

From the Transition page, you can set the duration of different smooth transitions. The transition is the time when Iris goes between day and night mode for example. The longer the transition the more smooth the colors will change to more orange and red or too bright screen. Some people like instant transition why others prefer the transition to be … Read More

Rest screen page

Moon page

There is a slight shift during the night depending on if it’s happening during a Full Moon or a New Moon Iris takes that into account and automatically adjusts to it but from this setting, you can change and customize it the way you want it to be During a Full Moon, it takes us a bit more time to … Read More

Blue light page

From this page, you can customize the amount of blue light emitted from your screen. Basically lower values and less blue light means better sleep and less eye strain. The Day and Night Light sliders may seem to have strange values, but the lower the value the less blue light. These values will correspond to color temperature values of the … Read More

Color scheme page

From the Color Scheme panel you can select one of the color pre-sets that control how the different values of Color Temperature and Brightness are displayed on the screen. Each pre-set color scheme will change the appearance of the screen whilst maintaining the same Color Temperature. This is useful in controlling transition duration and blue light reduction. You can select … Read More

Brightness Extended values

With the Brightness Extended values checkbox you can unlock more values for Brightness. Most users will probably not need to click this checkbox. Values of Brightness over 100% exceed maximum brightness. By default the values are between 5% and 100% With Extended values checked the values will become between 5% and 150%.