Blue light filter softwares

Blue Light Filters

A Blue light filter is a program which changes the screen colors, lowering the blue light. There are many medical kinds of research pointing towards the negative effects of Blue light. Effects of Blue light When you look at blue light the following things will happen: You will need more time to fall asleep You will start to feel eye … Read More

What is the equivalent of Flux (PC software) on Android?

On Android you can try Iris: Iris Pro – Apps on Google Play Iris is a blue light blocking and PWM Flicker removal software that can help you a lot It comes with a lot of out of the box functionality that will make your life better and easier It is also available on absolutely all platforms You can read … Read More

Night Shift Review (OSX)

Night Shift is the Apple native integrated blue light reduction feature. Night Shift was first introduced on March 21, 2016 as part of the iOS 9.3. 1 year after Night Shift first arrived for iPhone on Mar 27, 2017 Apple finally added it also to Mac OSX or as now is called macOS. The goal of this review is to show you how … Read More

SunsetScreen Review (Windows)

SunsetScreen is software for blue light reduction. Made by Daniel White in 2015 SunsetScreen is similar to f.lux, Redshift, Night Shift and to Iris blue light feature. Something which makes SunsetScreen better than f.lux is the ability to set custom night duration by time rather than location and the ability to set day and night brightness aside from color temperature … Read More

Night light Review (Windows)

Night light is the Microsoft blue light reduction feature. It comes built-in into Windows 10 Creators update. It was also available in the Windows 10 Insider preview before also. Night light is not available for Windows 7. If you want to use something similar to Night light on Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, you can use Iris. If … Read More

F.lux 4 beta Review (Windows)

The popular software for blue light reduction f.lux alternative to Iris has new major version with lots of new features and improvements. The new version is v4 and it’s a major improvement over the several year old version v3. The goal of this post is to review all this new and exciting features. You can download the f.lux beta version … Read More

F.lux 3 Review (Windows)

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