Blue light

How animal`s sight works?

Animal`s sight is different from human vision In this article, you will understand how animal`s sight works. What do the vast majority think when they take a gander at the world most likely the animal`s sight it a similar way we see it. After some time we fathom that animals don’t have a comparative vision as people. “The information they … Read More

Does iPhone’s Night Shift actually work?

iPhone’s Night Shift We are exposed to blue light more often than ever before which can have negative health effects. Since the awareness was raised, a lot of manufacturers started to produce specially designed products which can β€œfight” the bad impact blue light may have on us. Carrying our portable electronic devices everywhere we go, it can be said they … Read More

Myths and truths about blue light

Introduction of technology There are improved facts about blue light, in our everyday lives, another concern about our health was raised. Precisely – blue light. But as with everything that is new and unexplored yet, conspiracy theories start to lurk around every corner. However, we are here to help you learn the myths and the truths about blue light! Blue … Read More

How to avoid Blue light from Screens

We spend too much time in front of the screen without any idea about how we are harming ourselves and without doing anything to avoid the blue light. We are neglecting our healthy level in front of smart devices. We increase the time in front of monitors even in the short breaks between work, university or school. In the everyday … Read More

Blue light and Eyes

Have you thought about the effect of Blue light on our Eyes? Did you know that the average person spends more than 6 hours per day in front of a computer? Actually most people spend the majority of their time staring at a digital screen. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and all kinds of digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light. … Read More

Blue Light and Dogs

In a number of previous posts, the effects of blue light on humans were discussed. In this article though we will be talking about what effect does blue light have on animals, on dogs in particular and how you can prevent it. Introduction We are all aware of the problem with the plastic in the ocean but there are some … Read More

Blue light Health effects

We are all aware of what the phrase “feeling blue” means and feels like. A blue feeling is a sensation you experience when someone lets you down, there is a significant negative change in your life, or it could be an especially bad day you have. It is like a fog that blurs the dopamine levels and your sadness is … Read More

Blue light Effects

When you look at blue light for a long time the following things will happen: You will need more time to fall asleep ? You will start to feel eye strain Your eyes will start getting dry and you may start to have symptoms of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) ? Your circadian rhythm will be disrupted You will experience macular … Read More

Blue light – learn the fact and fiction behind this modern threat

Have you ever tried researching blue light on the Internet? Are you left confused by all the articles claiming different things? Are you wondering if you should be worried or if it’s all just another marketing ploy from big corporations trying to sell you stuff? Well look no further-here are 7 debunked myths and 5 truths about blue light you … Read More

Is it safe for your vision to look at a computer screen all day at work and then more at home each day?

Absolutely no Monitors emit blue light and have PWM (Pulse-width modulation) flicker Blue light is really harmful to your eyes and prevents you from having a good sleep PWM flicker is basically your monitor turning off hundreds of times per second, you can’t see it with your eyes but your brain perceives it and it is the most common cause … Read More