Eye Protection

How To Choose The Best Glasses For You?

I know, I know, you spend too much time in stores, online stores, or ordinary accessories or fashion sites, for your dream glasses. Do you take your friends with you to express your opinion? – The poor ones. Glasses are not just about emphasizing your vision. On the contrary, they serve something more important – the health of your eyes. … Read More

10 Tips on how to have Healthy Eyes

You ever just get to work all excited that you will finally sit in front of your laptop and do your thing? Yeah… Me neither. Maybe we’re pushing it with the whole excitement thing, but it’s a fact that whether we like it or not we have to do our jobs. And a good amount of those jobs require working … Read More

Vision therapy: Eye exercises for keeping your eyes strong and healthy

Your eyes just like any other muscle can get sore and start to hurt. That’s why it’s important to let them rest properly and exercise them to keep them healthy and strong. Here is a collection of some eye exercises that can help you be productive, eliminate headaches and reduce the risks of serious eye diseases like glaucoma and cataract, … Read More

7 Tips for eye protection in front of the PCand which one works best for you

Does this sound familiar to you? Long work days grinding in front of the computer. Even longer sleepless nights. Swollen eyelids, puffy eyes. You coming home looking like a vampire. The kids cry when they see you, the dog hides under the table. Do you want to feel better? Sleep better? Be healthier? Check out these 7 tips for protecting … Read More

How to Easily Remove Eye Strain While Gaming

Hi Gamer, Have you ever imagined that there is a way to play more and harder without getting your eyes red, sore and strained? There is! Actually… there are a lot of easy and quick ways on how to do it so you can practice more and become just like one of the mega cool guys in the picture above … Read More

What can we do to protect our eyes when working for long in front of a computer?

Eyes can become damaged in the long run when spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. Here are a couple of things you can do: Take regular breaks from your computer, you can use some sort of timer to remind you so you don’t forget to take a break Reduce PWM flicker, your monitor turns on and … Read More

My eyes are almost always red because of my computer Will this damage my eyes in the long term?

Yes and if you keep doing that for a couple of decades you will eventually probably get macular degeneration You will only be able to see with your peripheral vision which is almost considered blind This is not 100% but you will certainly experience some problems with your eyes if you keep doing this One thing you can try that’s … Read More

Is it a good idea to put your desk facing a window?

I find putting your desk facing a window a bad idea Apart from the seemingly insignificant fact, that it can be extremely distracting, placing a desk to face the sun burns your retina and you can go blind in the long-term Having the window behind you is also a bad idea because it can reflect the light off of your … Read More

How do software professionals take care of their eyes?

There are a couple of things you can when you are spending a lot of time staring at a computer screen every day: Blink Blinking more often helps moisture your eyes better, you’d be surprised by how much this little thing can do Take Small but regular breaks Apply the 20–20–20 rule: Taking a break also helps will actually also … Read More

How do I stabilize or improve my eyesight?

If you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen or in a similar working environment of the main things that can occur is macular degeneration. This is a problem concerned with the retina of the eye. In this disorder, the nerves of the central part of the retina are affected, and this is called the … Read More