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Hi, I finally finished the Article about fonts. There is a lot of info that I collected the last several months. Different font renderings are now packed with Iris and you can switch them easily πŸ™‚ You can find the Article here:


FontFocus white paper Introduction Many people spend hours a day looking at text on their desktop, laptop, and handheld computer screens, fueling a demand for the highest possible quality text rendering. There are three primary axes to evaluate text rendering quality: contrast of the glyph renderings, fidelity to the original forms, and evenness of spacing. Until now, font rendering implementors … Read More

Color and Font Choices for Eye protection

The human eye is an amazing machine. Through tiny cells called cones, our eyes are able to see about 10 million different colors. But not all colors are created equal, and some are just too difficult to look at as they can cause headaches, high blood pressure, and eye strain. With the increase in time spent in front of our … Read More

Why Times New Roman Sucks?

Times New Roman may be your default font, but onscreen its curvy design with tiny tails on the ends of letters, called serifs, may slow word recognition and force you to stare harder and longer, contributing to eye fatigue. Fonts like Arial and Verdana, which have more space between letters, can make words appear crisper and easier to read from … Read More