What I need to know about PWM flicker?

A quick FAQ about the common questions about PWM flicker, because sometimes it may be confusing with all the information out there. Write me somewhere if your question is not answered and I will answer it and add the answer here πŸ™‚ Do my monitor flicker? Most of the time yes. This depends on whether your monitor uses PWM or … Read More

How Iris reduces PWM flicker?Short explanation

Modern monitors use PWM to control the brightness of the screen. This is not problem at maximum brightness, but at low brightness it causes eye pain. Iris is fixing this by controlling the brightness with the video card and by changing the white point of the monitor. This ensures that your backlight is at high frequency even at low brightness … Read More

How Iris reduces PWM flicker?Medium size explanation

How modern monitors work? All monitor have some kind of flicker rate. This is normal, because the way semiconductors work requires them to turn ON and OFF in order to work properly. Every modern display uses some kind of LED, OLED, LCD and every other monitor technology used today. The only way to completely eliminate the flicker from your electronic … Read More

How Мonitors Destroyed our Eyes?and What to do about this

The interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like the Sun. The second interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like a lightbulb. They failed at both of this… Monitors Monitors are like the Sun. They emit all colors of the rainbow but as you can guess it’s probably not so normal to look at the … Read More