7 interesting facts about the human eyes

Here are 7 of the most curious facts about the human eyes. How often do we take a moment to appreciate these incredible organs? In my opinion, not often enough. So let’s do it together right now! Human eyes development The development of human eyes starts only two weeks after the conception of a baby. These organs have a very … Read More

Eye twitching: Causes and treatment

It is very likely that every one of us has experienced eye twitching at some point. It is usually barely noticeable but for some people, it may get bothersome. What is actually the essence of this condition and how can it be treated? Let us find out! Introduction Eye twitching or medically known as myokymia affects only the eyelid of … Read More

Eye exercises: Myth or a real way to improve your eyesight?

Eye exercises Are eye exercises really helpful in relieving eye pain? For as long as we can remember propaganda existed. It can be used in every area of our lives in order to convince us of something. Evil events have happened when propaganda has succeeded. Nowadays we read news on our smart phones or computers. We rarely pay attention to … Read More

10 foods for healthy eyes and 10/10 vision

10 foods for healthy eyes and 10/10 vision Balanced healthy eating and the topic of healthy eyes have gained increasing popularity in recent years, taking precedence over the countless miracle diets named after doctors of dubious origins. Thanks to the large database that people all over the world have access to today, knowledge of the true principles of nutrition and … Read More

How can I improve my Vision?

Nobody wants to wear glasses or contact lenses in their life, but if you don’t, then you ask yourself: “How can I improve my vision otherwise?” However, with the evergrowing usage of technologies, more and more people are obliged to do so and there is no medical way of turning the process backward. However, there is still some hope that … Read More

How can I Take Care of My Eyes?

Do I take care of my eyes? How often do you think about your eyes’ health? How would you recognize if there’s a problem and what causes it? We all take care of the place we live in, the car we ride, the books we read… When we feel sick, we take some medicines or go to the hospital. However, … Read More

Heterochromia – two different-colored eyes?

Hetero- what? The different coloration of the iris of the two eyes, known as heterochromia, may be a congenital or acquired condition. Types of Heterochromia Congenital Heterochromia Congenital heterochromia is an unequal coloration of two irises or separate sectors of the same iris. When it comes to the two irises, one is a lighter color than the other. Its combination … Read More

Eye diseases you need to look out for when using your PC

We use our eyes all the time while we’re awake. Some would say that’s our most important sense. However, like anything else, there are eye diseases and disorders that can cause deteriorating health of the different parts in your eyes. They can be caused by genetics, environmental issues, accidents, age and exposure to bright and harmful light. In this article … Read More

12 Things you need to know about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

The eyes: from ancient jellyfish to modern humans

Life has most likely been on Earth for almost as long as Earth itself has existed. But for the most part of those more than 4 billion years, life on Earth has been simple, single-celled organisms living on the bottom of dark oceans. Slowly but surely life began to evolve in many different ways. One of the most extraordinary features … Read More