Eye Pain

Eye Pain

Eye pain – Almost anything you need to know   Table of contents Leading causes of eye pain Different types of eye pain How to prevent eye pain     Eyes are one of the most important and used human parts. Unfortunately in the time we live our eyes are exposed to Π° lot of dangers. Main causes of eye … Read More

What can cause a pulsating eye pain?

Chances are that your vision is imbalanced When eyes and brain try hard to compensate with each other due to vision problems then chances are that you get pain behind your eyes The vision gets blurred most of the times but in some cases, the change is so little that it is hard to figure it out by yourself This … Read More

How screen brightness dimmer can relieve your eye pain for better sleep

Most of us have jobs which require direct contact with the computer screen almost all day long. This is with the intention of making the most of the technology and saving time and energy as well. however, computer, laptop, or smartphone screens not only affect the mental capabilities but also the eyes. It is important to use the screen brightness … Read More

How dim screen Windows 7 can help you work without eye pain or headache

There are many individuals that are suffering because they are not able to give the best performance. They are unable to accomplish their tasks because of pain in the eyes or sa evere headache associated with eye strain. The alarming situation is that severe headache makes it hard for them to focus on their work. It is important for you … Read More

What is the difference between Pressure and Sinus eye pain?

Eye pain itself is discomforting for carrying out the simplest of the tasks. What if, this pain expands into numerous other types of the eye pains which are caused by various viral infections and unhealthy habits? In this case, it causes a severe headache which is mostly confused between a migraine, sinusitis, and eye pressure. All three of the factors … Read More

6 tips to reduce Right Eye Pain

Any sort of eye pain is immensely annoying and cause an extreme level of frustration in the patient’s personality. Most of the time, we are so lost in our own things that forget to shed a light on the countless blessings such as a perfectly operating eye without any kind of pain. This pleasant blessing of nature is only realized … Read More

Tips to permanently cure Pain under Eye

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body which badly react to the unhygienic atmosphere. The windy weather or dusty surroundings can lead to severe eye injuries that cause severe pain under the eye. However, the pain may vary depending on the root cause and can be caused above and behind the eyes as well. Especially for people who … Read More

Is Pain behind left Eye associated with Migraine?

Headaches have become quite common nowadays due to the unhygienic atmosphere. Headaches have numerous kinds which can be differentiated and treated according to the individual symptoms. Some people get headaches quite often but not with an unbearable intensity. But the headaches which cause extreme pain in the head, neck, shoulder and behind one eye are the most destructive of all. … Read More

Iris will never let you suffer from a Headache and Eye pain

A Headache and eye pain is a common condition of ailment. Especially nowadays, when there is an extreme level of exposure to the screen time which includes mobile, laptop, computer, and other gadgets. The fact that there is a need to perform the daily tasks by using these technology products cannot be neglected. However, some necessary measures can be taken … Read More

Eye pain headache can Reduce your Decision-making power

Eye pain headache is usually referred to one of the side effects of heavy medication due to depression and other mental conditions. However, it has not been proved yet and needs to be confirmed before reaching any judgment. Suffering from a headache has numerous reasons which cannot be generalized because the causes might vary from person to person and their … Read More