Glaucoma Signs and Symptoms

Glaucoma is one of those conditions that can be very problematic for your eyes. It causes damage to the optic nerve, and it just gets worse and worse if you don’t treat it the proper way. Most of the time, this is linked to a pressure buildup that appears in your eye. One thing to note here is that Glaucoma … Read More

Closed angle Glaucoma

Closed-angle glaucoma is a type of condition where your eyes end up building up a lot of pressure inside. In the case of this particular type of glaucoma, the fluid is not flowing out of your eye as it would normally do. The fluid is created in the rear chamber of your eye, and it will normally go through a … Read More

Angle closure Glaucoma

This is a type of Glaucoma that people also known as angle glaucoma. It’s very rare, and it mostly happens when the drainage canals are covered or blocked. As you can imagine, the pressure buildup in your eyes gets immense to the point where your ocular nerves get to be affected and damaged. When you encounter angle closure glaucoma, your … Read More

Acute angle closure Glaucoma

Acute angle closure glaucoma is one of those conditions that will increase the pressure in your eyes out of nowhere. This is very bad, and it does get even worse as the time goes by. The idea here is that the pressure rises in just a few hours, and it usually appears when the fluid in your eyes can’t drain … Read More

What is Narrow-Angle Glaucoma?and Can it affect your eyes

Narrow-Angle Glaucoma is one of those eye-related problems that can stick with you for a very long time. However, this type of glaucoma is actually very rare, and it’s different when compared to the open angle glaucoma. The thing you have to note here is that the eye pressure ends up getting high very fast. This can indeed happen at … Read More

What is Open-angle Glaucoma?

Glaucoma can be problematic and it’s also one of the causes of eyesight problems. But open-angle glaucoma is one of the most common types of glaucoma out there and it ends up coming and going all the time. As you get older, it does get worse though. How does Open-angle Glaucoma appear? Basically, you have fluid in the eyes and … Read More

Glaucoma Treatment

If we talk about eye health then disorders like Glaucoma are found to be very common these days. We usually don’t take initiatives towards our eye protection unless the situation worsens, practically leaving an individual blind. We are living in those times where not only pollution but also digital devices, both are busy contributing damage to our eyes. We often … Read More


Definition of Glaucoma Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which the intraocular pressure increases and the optic nerve is damaged resulting in loss of vision is called Glaucoma. What is Glaucoma? Talk about the most dangerous eye affecting disorders and you will find Glaucoma at the top of the list. Glaucoma is a disorder in which the optic nerve of … Read More

Glaucoma Protection with Iris

Whether you are a businessman, a student, a housewife or someone belonging to a different field, you come across many jobs and tasks which require you to use a screen. By screen, we mean laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. This screening has given birth to many disorders such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. We don’t realize, but gradually the harmful … Read More