Iris Comparison Articles

Iris vs Physical Blue blocking filters

Some of the glasses which are with yellowish tint don’t do anything. You need orange or red lenses for better blue light blocking. If you can’t find orange or red blue light filter glasses you can try to use sunglasses instead of the ones with the yellowish tint. Sunglasses block a lot more blue light than most blue blocking glasses … Read More

Best alternative to f.lux

F.lux is a popular blue light filter program, but I personally hated several things about this program. When I started to have eye problems in 2015 I wanted to be able to manually control the blue light of my screen. I found f.lux while reading one article about how to feel less eye strain, but what I didn’t like about … Read More

Night Shift Review (macOS)

Night Shift is the Apple native integrated blue light reduction feature. Night Shift was first introduced onΒ March 21, 2016 as part of theΒ iOS 9.3. 1 year after Night Shift first arrived for iPhone onΒ Mar 27, 2017 Apple finally added it also to Mac OSX or as now is called macOS. The goal of this review is to show you how … Read More