Iris Changelog

You can check the latest version of Iris for your operating system here: Windows versions macOS versions Linux Other OS Windows versions NEW version 1.2.0 for Windows IN PROGRESS… Improvements Reduced styles and prepare the software for better scaling Change style sizing to rem NEW version 1.1.9 for Windows Fix Magic links to work NEW version 1.1.8 for Windows Some … Read More

Fixed overlay Fixed start at startup Fixed tray icon Fixed Manage monitors Fixed desktop Icon Fixed Iris to work on many distros

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux 64-bit

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux

Iris mini 0.2.2 for Linux

  This version is made for both Linux 32 and 64 bit and I added some file for more easy starting of the program. Start the program by double clicking the “Iris mini” file with terminal icon or by running sh iris_mini.sh in Terminal Daniel 🙂

Iris micro 0.0.7 for Linux

This version has both 32-bit and 64-bit executables and automatic desktop files for double clicking