Iris Changelog

You can check the latest version of Iris for your operating system here: Windows versions macOS versions Linux Other OS Windows versions NEW version 1.2.0 for Windows IN PROGRESS… Improvements Reduced styles and prepare the software for better scaling Change style sizing to rem NEW version 1.1.9 for Windows Fix Magic links to work NEW version 1.1.8 for Windows Some … Read More

Iris mini 0.4.0 for Mac OSX

Fix automatic location detection

Iris mini 0.3.9 for Mac OSX

Fixed 100% CPU usage update externals

Iris mini for Mac OSX (Minor Build)

Add 0K zero mode Fix invert colors to use the native osx invert Fix tray icon to not rotate Fix no calibration at startup

Iris mini for Mac OSX (Minor Build)

This version is fix for Dr. Jay problem about flickering when computer goes on from standby Also some tray icon fix for example to switch to Manual mode when you click some option, because people write to me that it’s not working when on Automatic and find it confusing Daniel 🙂

Iris mini 0.3.3 for Mac OSX

Hi, In this version of Iris several things are fixed and the experience is little bit better. The is now a Window to move Iris to Applications folder for easy installation Screen flicker when f.lux is running is fixed Iris mini now works automatically on multiple monitors And the problem with the missing icon is now fixed Enjoy, Daniel 🙂

Iris micro 0.0.4 for Mac OSX

There were some bugs for Iris Micro for OSX. One thing is that it was using 100% CPU when run with the & command line option So I fixed this and added .command files instead of sh files. I also updated the Readme and tried to code sign the exec, but there was some problems Gatekeeper is still showing me … Read More

Iris mini 0.2.3 for Mac OSX

Hi, This version is awesome, because I finally fixed the Unknown developer problem. Some hidden features are added and day temperature is 5000K Daniel 🙂

Iris mini 0.2.1 for Mac OSX

Hi, In this version of Iris mini there is color inversion and Zero blue light Many bug fixes and many improvements 🙂 With love, Daniel 🙂

Iris mini for Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) version 0.0.1

Hi, Several people wanted Iris mini for Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) Since I write Iris mini at C++11 which is not supported on Macs this old I needed to rewrite almost all code for Iris mini. This version matches the Iris mini 0.1.6 for Mac OSX and I will support in only when someone requests something new from me. … Read More