Color Blindness Definition

Color blindness is not something that includes some sort of blindness, in fact, it is more of a vision color deficiency where a person is unable to identify, differentiate and distinguish between certain colors and their shades.

Most of the people suffer through color blindness where they are unable to differentiate between yellow or blue and red or green.

Now, the thing is that color blindness is a genetic disease that can be passed down to anyone from his or her mother.

It is not necessary for the mother to be color blind herself, it’s just that a mother can be a carrier of this disease.

Men usually get more affected by color blindness than women and there is a proper justification to that.

You see what actually happens is that when it comes to men, we all know that they have a single X chromosome and when we talk about women, they’ve got two of the X chromosomes.

This is the reason why it’s easier for men to be color blind as the disease just needs to be only on a single chromosome but for a woman to be color blind, she needs to acquire this disease on both her X chromosomes. 

Can Color Blindness Be Acquired?

Yes, in some rare cases, a person can go color blind if he or she is suffering from a long distance disease such as multiple sclerosis or diabetes etc.

These diseases can actually turn a person color blind and also affect the vision of the patient.

The other case in which a person can go color blind is if he or she falls victim to an accident or a trauma.

These things usually affect the overall health of the body and your vision is one of them.

The Symptoms & Signs Of Color Blindness

It’s pretty simple to know if you have the vision color deficiency problem.

Has it ever occurred to you that you confused some colors or that sometimes the colors seem all washed out to you?

Well, if yes then there are high chances that you are color blind. Again, most of the colorblind people find it hard to identify the colors such as blue or yellow and red or green so if you have the same problem then yes you are color blind.

You can also take a test here Vision test for diagnosis.

The Solution

In 2009 gene therapy was used to cure color blindness in monkeys and well, it was a success but scientists and doctors are still not sure if this therapy will work fine for the humans because it is said that there are chances of the human brain to get affected by the gene therapy.

So, no there is not as such cure for this disease but yes, there are a few alternatives that can help you improve your condition.

For example, you can wear the Enchroma glasses that can help you with the identification of colors.

Also, you can use the Vision software to treat your color blindness.

The Vision Software

Vision is so far the best software and the first one that has been made for the sole purpose of improving color blindness among people.

The best thing about this software is that it allows you to take a test first which is free of any cost and once you know that yes you are color blind, you can then easily buy the software for a reasonable amount of money.

Right now thousands of people are using this software and the results are pretty good.

So, yes if you want a way out to this disease then you can give Vision a try.

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