Color Blindness Genetics

Ocular diseases are pretty common now, we all know someone who wears contact lenses or glass for his eyesight.

Well, the issue of near and farsightedness can be due to several reasons, it can be due to the genetics but most of the times it’s because of the excessive exposure of blue light to the eye, like using too much cell phones and laptops can affect the cornea and the iris of the eye.

However, today we are here with another ocular disease that isn’t much common but still, it exists.

Here we are talking about the color blindness, you see this is a disease that can be pretty irritating at times and the worst thing is that this problem basically a genetic condition.

Red, blue and green color blindness is usually passed down to people due to their parents or grandparents.

The basic gene responsible for this disease is carried on the X chromosome and due to this, men are affected by this disease more than the women.

The statistics may shock you but there are total 250 million color blind people in the world at the moment and again most of them are men.

Β What Causes Color Blindness?

Again there are two types of color blind people, one are those who suffer through this disease due to their genetics and the second type of people are those who get color blind with time due to suffering through the long-standing diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

A majority of the colorblind people inherit this problem from their mothers who basically are the carriers of this disease.

For example, if you are color blind then there are high chances that you got this from your mother but this doesn’t mean that your mother is also color blind, in fact, she might be just a carrier of this problem.

What’s The Solution


Now, many of you might be thinking that if color blindness is most probably a genetic disease then what exactly is the cure?

Well, don’t worry and stick to this article a little longer because we are about to tell you a solution to your problem.

Ok so, we’ll be pretty honest with you on this that there is no as such cure for color blindness at the moment because the thing is that its genetic problem and there is no way one can mess up with the DNA or the genes of a person just to treat color blindness.

However, there is a software that can help you improve this disease, here by that software we are talking about Vision.

How Vision Works?

Vision is a proper and the very first software that is built for the sole purpose of treating color blindness.

The software helps color blind people in identifying the type of color blindness they have and to distinguish colors better.

There are several types when it comes to color blindness such as Tritanopia, Protanopia, andΒ  Deuteranopia and if you are someone who is trying to figure out if he or she is color blind you can take the Vision test.

Here you can even take a free test and check if you are color blind or not and the best thing is that you don’t have to buy it before the test.

If you are genuinely seeking a way to improve your color blindness or get it checked then honestly you have to use the Vision software.

Here you’ll surely get all the answers to your problem.

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