Color Blindness Test

Many people are born with color blindness as it is termed as a hereditary issue. However, whether you are born with it or you get it after some time, in your life, testing it is very important.

Color blindness test ensures what type of color blindness you have and the treatment is decided on that specific type of color vision issue.

A color blindness test is important for an eye doctor to hold to determine whether one has a color vision problem or not.

If you have the slightest bit of a doubt that you might be having some issues for viewing or differentiating between some specific colors, then it is highly recommended that you go visit the doctor right away.

Types of Color Blindness Tests

There are basically two types of color blindness tests:

  • Screening color blindness test
  • Quantitative color blindness test

Screening tests majorly detect that there is some problem with the color vision of the eye.

However, the quantitative test is much more detailed as it also determines the type of color deficiency one has and also indicates the severity of it.

To understand both of them better, we will be taking a detailed look within both of the procedures that are used to diagnose or detect a color vision problem.

Screening Color Blindness Test

Ishihara Color Vision Test is one of the most widely used screening tests. This vision test was processed by Japanese and was named after him too.

This test has a booklet, in which every page has a circle pattern. The circle is filled with dots of different colors which vary in brightness and sizes.

The pattern and dots have been set in such a manner that a person with normal vision will be able to detect a single or double digit number, forming within the dots.

However, if a person has a color vision problem, then her or she will either be unable to see the number or will find it hard to guess it right away.

The booklet has 38 plates but abbreviated version of this book is also accessible which come with just 14 or maybe 15 plates.

The abbreviated forms are usually used now during a color blindness test. When people are being tested, the plates are viewed to them in normal lighting (neither too bright nor too dark).

The screening color test is a little less reliable for extremely young children who might not have learned their digits or colors till yet.

After the innovation of this booklet, a lot of other books, in synchronization to this one, have been created for testing color blindness.

However, the Ishihara one is the best and most reliable one as it is used by the majority.

Quantitative Color Blind Test

To peek into a detailed analysis of how much a person is affected and to ensure the type of color blindness they have, a quantitative test is needed.

Farnsworth-Mansell 100 Hue Test is one of the most popular quantitative tests that are used widely for testing color blinded people.

The quantitative test has four trays which contain small disks and have hues of different colors.

Each tray has its respective color disk for reference at the end of it. The person, who has to be tested, has to arrange the disks in the tray so that it creates a continuum of a hue that is gradually changing.

To achieve very accurate results, it is suggested that this test takes place under daylight.

Not a lot of brightness but not a lot of room light is preferred while this test is being taken.

Moreover, the disks that are used in this test are replaced after every two years so that they do not lose their saturation.

Disks which lose their saturation are unable to provide with a proper and accurate result.

The disks are numbered so that when they are arranged, a proper score can be obtained which tells the severity and type of color blindness a person has.

The idea is simple as that; if the sequence of the cap and the correct sequence matches or is near to accurate, then the color perception of the person is also right.

The more inaccurate the sequence between the two is, the severer the color vision problem is.

The 100 Hue Test is also a great quantitative test to rely upon.

The Vision Test

If you are unable to get your hands on any of the two mentioned tests or your hometown doesn’t have these accessible, you can get your problems figured out through Vision.

Vision is a great online service that has made things very easy for all the people who want to get themselves tested for color blindness.

You can click Vision test link and get started within no time to getting your eyes tested for any issue.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get you tested and detect the severity of color blindness too.

Vision is gathering a lot of attention lately and it is definitely worth it.


These two tests are the most widely used color blindness tests around the world. However, a lot of online tests have also surfaced.

But it is always best to go for a proper doctor and indulge you into practical tests for better and accurate results.

It is very important to get accurate results without any doubt so that the treatment can be done accordingly.

Color blindness can become an issue in daily life tasks so it is always great to address it time and find solutions for it.

You can use Vision software which will automatically make the colors of your screen more distinguishable if you are color blind.

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