Color Blindness Treatment Gene Therapy

Color blindness is a genetic disease that is usually passed down to a person by his mother not because the mother also suffers through the same issue, in fact, it happens because most of the times, the mother is the carrier of this disease.

On the other hand, right now there is a bug population that doesn’t even know if they are color blind or not.

Research shows that people get diagnosed with this ocular disease when they are in their adulthood because again, most of the people out there aren’t able to identify if they are color blind or not.

Now honestly being color blind is not a big issue but it can be one of your condition is worse.

You might be wondering that if it’s a genetic disease then is there even any cure for it?

Well, don’t worry and stick to this article a little longer because today we are going to explain it all to you that what exactly is color blindness and what’s the gene therapy. 

Color Blindness

This is something that you are born with so don’t ever freak out on it, the reason why a person falls victim to color blindness is because he has faulty gene sequencing in the DNA of his X chromosome.

Now, men have only one chromosome but women on the other hand have two of them, for a women to be color blind she has to inherit color blindness in both of her chromosomes but when it comes men, well it’s just a single chromosome.

This is the main reason why color blindness is much more common in men than women.

Color blindness can also be caused due to other long-standing medical conditions such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis etc.

It can also be a side effect to a drug but these situations are very rare and not all people become color blind after they fall victim to such diseases. 

The Solution

There is no as such solution for treating color blindness but well there is something coming up for it.

Here we are talking about the gene therapy that was experimented on monkeys first.

Now, the researchers are trying to figure out if this therapy will work fine on humans too because they don’t know yet if there will be any psychological effects of this therapy on the human brain.

There are a lot of risks associated with the gene therapy, there can be an issue with the viral vector the therapeutic transgene being injected.

On the other hand, the surgical procedure of subretinal injection itself can be very risky and complicated and you never know if you having an infection in your eyes or permanent irritation.

In short, this process is very risky but if you are looking for an easy way out to treat your color blindness then yes, we do have a solution for you and that is Vision.

What is Vision & How It Works

Vision is basically a software that is made for the sole purpose of improving the color blindness of a person.

It’s the first software that is helping the color blind people with their disease.

On the other hand, if you are someone who yet isn’t sure if you have this disease or not then here at you can easily take the test.

The best part about this software is that you don’t have to buy it for the test and you can take the test for free.

After the test, if you feel like yes you are color blind then you can download this software and use it to treat your vision.

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