Color Blindness Treatment

Color blindness is a heredity situation and majority of people have it by birth.

This is why there is no perfect solution to treating color blindness or finishing it off from the roots.

However, there are different treatments that help a person in adapting to the condition so that their survival in the world becomes easier.

Some treatments do help people in getting their color perception better but it is not completely developed finely.

The situation can be made better but it does not get treated completely.

A lot of people tend to use color filters or color lens to solve their problem.

Color blindness, also known as color vision problem or color deficiency is a medical issue that makes it hard for some people to see some certain colors.

They have the inability to differentiate between some certain colors under normal, bright or low lighting.

The types vary s some people might find it hard to distinguish colors in low light while others might find it difficult under normal or bright lighting.

The most common color vision problem is the red-green color blindness. And the rarest one is the blue color blindness.

How to live with Color Blindness?

As there is no β€œpermanent” solution to color blindness, one has to adopt some ways to live with the poor color vision.

  1. Memorizing the color pattern of some things is going to be very important. For example, traffic signals colors need to be memorized as this is a life risking situation.
  2. You can ask your friend or sibling or your parents to sort your clothing’s out for you. You don’t want to mistake red for another color and wear it with your red jeans.
  3. A lot of apps have been developed which can be used through smartphones and tablets and help in poor color vision. Keep them installed so that they can help you out in difficult situations.

Color Blindness Glasses

People who suffer from red-green color blindness can get specific glasses or contact lenses which are specifically designed for people with color vision problem.

These glasses help the person perceives colors better in lightings. The color blindness glasses basically work by working with certain wavelengths of light to aid people to differentiate between red and green.

They don’t completely bring your normal color vision back but they make the hues appear better and enhanced so that the person can distinguish.

However, the color blindness glasses don’t work or everyone who has a red and green color vision issue. Your doctor will certainly prescribe something better.

Treatment for Sever Color Blindness

People who have severe color blindness, better known as Achromatopsia, cannot see any colors.

They live in a world of grays, which is filled with various black and whites. Red colored lens are considered as one of the treatments for these people.

These lenses help them in reducing the sensitivity of light. Furthermore, eyeborg is a device which is helpful for people with severe color blindness.

It helps them in perceiving some colors through sound waves. The advancements are definitely amazing and are bringing some great solutions for people with color blindness. It is nothing less than a blessing.

What does research have to say?

With the passage of time and with so many advancements taking place, researchers are finding new ways of treating color blindness.

Some people are focusing on genetic therapies so that they can solve the genetic abnormalities and bring the proper color vision back.

Likewise, a lot of researchers are focusing on creating a genetic replacement therapy which can air the red and green color blinded people.

Vision is one such amazing research that has come to life and is now able to help a lot of people in detecting their color blindness issue from the ease of their home.

You can easily check your eye vision with this Vision test.

If you wish to understand how it works and what it has to offer, you can simply visit their official webpage and you will get your hands on all the information that you want to.

Vision is a remarkable research that has come to life and is making life super easy for all the people who don’t have a color blindness treatment or test within their premises.

You can use the Vision software to see the colors on the screen better. It will improve your colors a lot.

In the end, color vision problems don’t have a permanent solution. It is not an impossible thing to attain but the researchers are trying their best to help people who have color blindness since the start.

A proper and complete cure from red and green color blindness is still many years away but it is good to hear that we have started the journey towards it.

However, you can always look forward to color blindness glasses and eyeborg etc. to perceive colors in a better way.

Also, memorize the traffic signals and allow the apps to help you through your smartphone.

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