Color Blindness Types

Color blindness is usually misunderstood with the concept of blindness. It is totally wrong.

This issue is a way or manner in which the person, who is affected, sees colors in different ways or is unable to differentiate between them.

It gets hard for them to differ between the yellows, blues and reds and greens. Color blindness is termed as a hereditary condition and a person gets affected by it by birth.

It is also found to be more common in men rather than in women. Red and green color blindness is the most common type of color blindness. The blue color deficiency is very rare.

Types of Color Blindness

There are different types of color blindness. Here are the 4 types of color blindness that you need to know about:


This is a state where all the color visions are completely fine and the light cone cells are functioning properly. People who have normal color visions are the Trichromacy type and are termed as trichromats.

Anomalous Trichromacy

People who have a slight fault in their color vision will have a state of Anomalous Trichromacy.

In this type of color blindness, an individual has all three cones present in their retina but one of them is not working properly.

The cones perceive the color finely apart from one cone which has a slight issue in perceiving colors.

This can be due to slight alignment troubles too and it is usually a state that one is born with.

Anomalous Trichromacy obviously has further types, depending on which cone cells might have an issue in perceiving colors.

First, Protanomaly is a condition in which the eye is sensitive to the red light and finds it hard to differ it from the others.

Then we have Deuteranomaly which is sensitive to the green light and it is hard for the eye to distinguish this color from the rest.

This type of Anomalous Trichromacy is the most common one and is the one which usually occurs.

Thirdly, there is Tritanomaly which is extremely rare and you will find it hardly in an individual.

This is sensitivity to blue light and a person is unable to differ, this color from the remaining.

People, who find it hard to differ, the color blue, usually face a lot of difficulty in distinguishing between blue and yellow, violet and red and green and blue.


This is the third type of color blindness and in this situation; people only have two cone cells present in their eye. There is one cone that is completely missing and there is no function of that cone either.

This condition is best explained by the fact that people find it hard to see the color at all. This usually happens with red and green.

People who don’t get to see the red light at all or distinguish it are termed as suffering from protanopia which is a type of Dichromacy.

Likewise, people who have trouble with the green light, suffer from deuteranopia and tritanopia means that a person is unable to see the color blue.

Monochromacy (achromatopsia)

This is the most severe form of color blindness and is a little uncommon too.

In this state of color blindness, the person is unable to see any color. Their life is filled with different shades of black and whites, varying in different forms of grays.

The stats show that this type of color blindness is extremely rare and might occur in only 1 person out of a population of around 33,000.

The symptoms of this type are really hard to deal with and even distinguish.

However, with the advancements in science, a lot of research is being done to bring to light, the issue of Monochromacy and ways of how to deal with it too.

As it has been extremely rare, Monochromacy is a color deficiency that is not talked about a lot.

So, these are the 4 types of vision problems or situations that occur in a human.

We have Monochromacy, with it being the rarest of them all and Trichromacy being the condition in which a person is completely normal and has no trouble in distinguishing colors.

Any type of color blindness might not be too harmful or risking for life until and unless it is very severe or you might be viewing your life in a series of grays.

However, a lot of people are unable to detect the issue if they have red and green color blindness.

It does get tough through a color vision problem as a person feels the odd one out.

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