Color pausers Help

Color pausers are way to pause Iris color changes when certain programs are running. This is usefull when you use Photoshop and want to automatically pause Iris when Photoshop is running.

To activate Color pausers click this checkbox to ON

Now just add the name of the programs you want to pause Iris when running. Make sure to click Save and close after this for changes to take effect

You can find the name of the program executable via Task Manager

Then just enter this into Iris Color pausers text area.

Here is also demonstration video

On Mac it’s basically the same, but use Activity Monitor to find the process name

On Linux use similar task manager.

2 thoughts on “Color pausers Help

  1. That’s a great plan. It keeps my health.
    When I add to the brick list, the software of screenshot such as Lightshot, the blue light filter function is not disabled, and then the pictures I photograph are yellow.

    1. Hi Jacob,
      Go to Advanced view -> Settings menu -> check the use low-level color API options
      That will stop your screenshots from looking yellow

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