Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

and How can I prevent it?

Computer Vision Syndrome Definition

All the disorders related to eyes fall under the category of Computer Vision Syndrome.

It does not involve a single condition. In fact, it is a collection of a wide range of problems including blurred vision, eye strains, headaches, etc.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

The modern times, in which we are living, are moving towards more development and success rapidly.

In this race, computer, laptop, smartphone screen has become a top priority for almost all the jobs whether on industrial side or technical side.

Those people working in offices for straight nine or more hours usually have to sit and direct their attention to these screens.

Not only office going people, but the list of people affected also include students who work continuously on these screens for their projects and assignments as well as other kids who stick to these screens for games as they find them pretty engaging.

Continuous use of digital devices leaves no surprise in the fact that this is all leading to severe eye disorders.

When too much concentration is focused on screens for quite a long time on a daily basis, then in this condition people are affected by Computer Vision Syndrome.

Majority people are already affected by hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, which makes it difficult for the affected individuals to keep their view clear.

This takes extra effort in maintaining their vision clear.

Even those people with perfect vision find their vision blurry which soon causes a headache and eye strain with prolonged use of computers.

Those people who tend to ignore these symptoms might find them more problematic in future.

A headache and eye strain might leave an individual for a short time period, but on and off an appearance of these symptoms is not good.

What are the signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome brings a list of symptoms.

These symptoms must not be ignored and serious steps must be taken for relief.

In the initial stages, people usually ignore them, but with the passage of time, they become intense leaving irreversible damage.

How it affects our routine?

Every disorder no matter how minor it is leaves you in a state which ruins your routine. Similarly, CVS also contributes in disturbing your daily like.

So this is what happens when you neglect your symptoms in the first place. Instead of urgently opting therapies and consulting an eye specialist, you wait for symptoms to become intense.

How is it treated?

Computer Vision Syndrome does not require heavy dosages of medicines. In fact, they can be overcome by therapies and some practices which are guaranteed to buy you long lasting relief.

It is necessary that you follow these practices quite often.

If you don’t follow them, then for the most obvious reasons you will find symptoms tightening their grip.

Don’t wait until the symptoms grow intense. Start doing these from day one so that there is no room for the development of these symptoms.

How does Iris help prevent Computer Vision Syndrome?

Let us tell you now that how Iris solves the problem of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Iris is basically blue light filtering software.

It makes sure not to let the blue light reach your eyes.

We now know that how dangerous blue lights can be and what damages they can cause.

Therefore, it is quite necessary for all of us to fight blue lights.

Iris helps you fight against these lights which emit from your digital screens, reach your eyes and penetrate gradually leaving damages and leading to disastrous effects.

Eye health must not be taken lightly.

Although we work on digital screens day and night, we don’t notice what harm they are bringing us.

Of course, our naked eye is unable to detect these invisible blue lights.

But Iris has a job to detect them and block them and not let them reach your eyes.

Blue lights are actually high energy lights which are emitted by many sources such as energy saving bulbs, LED lights and of course digital devices.

These high energy waves scatter in the eyes and generate “visual noise” which minimizes contrast and contributes to Computer Vision Syndrome.

We can protect ourselves from these damaging blue lights by adopting easy techniques.

One of the best ways to keep your eyes safe and secure from blue lights is Iris.

With Iris, you can work without any fear of your eyes being affected.

This easy and secure software is available for all digital devices.

You can easily install them and work freely.

We all know that without digital devices moving forward is nearly impossible.

With Iris, erase all your hesitation and worries because Iris will not let the blue lights escape the screen and ultimately they will not reach you.

Have a secure experience of digital surfing with Iris!


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