Create License

Create activation code manually

By default after you buy some of the Pro versions of Iris you will get redirected automatically back to the Iris website

and you will see screen like this

You will also get e-mail with the code and page with videos and instructions how to enter the code.

Everything happens automatically.

Sometimes you get confused and you close this window before the redirection and you didn’t recieve activation code. If this happens you have 2 options. For Reason choose:

Generate code– I will create your activation code by hand and will send you e-mail after several days.
Refund – Buy Iris again and I will refund your first payment. This will also take several days.

This things take me some time, because I receive hundred of e-mails daily.

So if you want your code right now choose Refund and buy Iris again. After several days I will refund your first payment.

If you are ok to wait some time and don’t want to pay again choose Generate code.

I look at e-mails from this page with priority before e-mails with feedback since we talk about your money and I want to be correct with you.

Enter your Reason, Transaction ID and E-mail bellow and I will get back to you


Transaction ID:


I really wanted to make this automatically with transaction id and your problem to be solved immediately, but this is not possible since PayPal buyer and seller transaction ids are different and there is no way to verify the payment automatically via code if you didn’t waited for the redirection.