Iris Magic Buttons API

Reset settings was clicked

Magic buttons are special links which control and activate Iris functionality

To use them you need to click them on the device that Iris is installed

You clicked a magic button to Reset settings

Reset settings

If the link above doesn't work you need to install Iris
Iris is software for Eye protection, Health 
and Productivity (read more)

If you don't see the image above or something similar and magic button link doesn't work you need to Install Iris
Install Iris

Iris is software which makes your monitor more healthy for the eyes by reducing the Blue light emitted from your monitor and by removing PWM and Subpixel flicker (read more)

“Fantastic application by far the best on the market for reducing blue light and screen flicker”

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“This is the only software that I have paid for, ever. I'm excited to help my eyes. Lots of options. Good instructional videos and articles. Great service.”

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