12 Things you need to know about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)


All eye issues caused by extended computer use fall under the name Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), also known as Digital Eye Strain. It’s not just one specific problem, it’s a wide range of strain and pain.


Computer screens affect not only adults with jobs but also small children that play with their tablets and teens who stare at their phones on social media all day.


When you work on a computer, your eyes have to constantly focus and refocus.


When you’re working with papers and documents you have to look away from the screen and back at it which prevents the eye from focusing correctly.


Fonts and changing images are also a problem. Pretty unsharpened fonts cause “invisible” eye strain.
To add to all that the technology we use today adds to the mix constant flicker, blue light exposure and monitor glare.


Many problems are caused by using the wrong brightness on your device.
Especially at night if your screen is too bright it can lead to early blindness and irregular sleep patterns.


If you have glasses or need to get them be careful to get the right prescription you need.
Wrongly made glasses can worsen the effects of computer use instead of decreasing them.


Regular computer use can cause strain and discomfort, occasional blurred vision, throbbing headaches and constant back and neck pain.


When you start noticing symptoms of CVS you should visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis and start taking precautions immediately.


If untreated, the harmless looking issues of CVS can lead to glaucoma, nearsightedness and even blindness.


However, to stop the negative effects of digital screens and to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome you can use care tips recommended by professionals.
Take breaks, use proper eyewear and adjust the position of your screen.


We here at Iris, strongly recommend the 20-20-20 rule.
Every 20 minutes of computer use take a 20-second break and stare at an object 20 feet away (approx. 7 meters).

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