Do all Yellow glasses block Blue light?

There has been a lot of hype about yellow glasses and blue light filters but the actual question asked by many people is that do these things really work? Do they really help in blocking the blue light?

Well, if you are also someone who has the same questions in his mind then you are at the right place, reading the right article.

Today we are going to answer this question of yours in detail and also, we will give you a detailed explanation of our answer.

So, people, take notes of what we are about to reveal because this article can be very beneficial for you and especially for your eyes.

What Are These Yellow Glasses For?

This question seems pretty simple and most of you might even know the answer but this is something that should be talked about in detail.

Basically, yellow glasses were introduced in order to block the blue light from entering the eyes directly.

Studies were made and researches were conducted and all of them pointed out that people now need to be worried about their eyes because the use of mobiles and laptops is constantly destroying the human eye.

After that, people actually started getting aware about the health of their eyes and that is when tinted glasses were introduced.Β 

Do They Really Work?

Yes, yellow and brown, both tinted glasses work great for blocking the blue light and this is the best solution for someone who is a computer geek.

Moreover, you can even use your mobile phones at night with these glasses because with them the screen light won’t cause any harm or danger to your vision.

So, in case you are planning to get one for yourself or your loved one then don’t wait anymore and buy them right at the moment because the sooner you start taking measures for protecting your eyes, the better it is.

Blue Light & The Danger

Blue light is the major problem here because this is one of those lights that come with a very short wavelength and it is said that the shorter the wavelength of a light is, the more powerful it is.

Also, it is a fact that the human eye is not able to filter the blue light and this is where all the problem begins.

The screen of our phones and computers all give blue light and ultimately this light starts putting an unimaginable strain on the eyes. In short, your eyes are pretty sensitive to this light.


If you are someone who feels uncomfortable with the yellow glasses then you surely have an alternative to that.

We are talking about none other than the blue light filters.

There are several blue light filters available online and for free.

You can download any one of them on your phone or computer and then the light won’t stay harmful to you anymore.

One of the best blue light filter software is Iris.

How Iris Works?

Iris is one of the smartest software that blocks the blue light on your screen like nothing else does.

With Iris, you won’t have to worry about your eyes because this software takes care of it all once you download it.

At the moment there are thousands of people who are using Iris and all of them are quite happy with the results so if you are someone who is worried about the protection of his eyes then you also need to try Iris for once and you will have the results in front of you.



4 thoughts on “Do all Yellow glasses block Blue light?

  1. Thanks. I have insomnia & can use all the help I can get. I tried yellow tinted glasses last night & it worked. There may be other reason it worked but I am sure my yellow glasses added to the other reasons.

  2. Blue light penetrates the inner lining of the eye. We can stop blue light penetration with use of blue light filter glasses . You have explained nicely.
    6 months before I was also facing eye problem. Due to late night work , my eye health was getting worst day by day. My friend suggest me about blue light blocking glasses.
    Now I am using Oiamik blue light blocking glasses. Because of these blue light filter glasses, I can work more to make my dream true.

    Thank you for this article. Keep posting new articles.

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