Do blue light filters really work?

and how can they help us protect our vision

Blue light,ย also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light is part of the light spectrum.

light spectrum

Itโ€™s mainly produced from sunlight.

Artificially created blue light is used for different types of lights and bulbs and the displays of technology devices, for example, LED TVs and mobile phones.

sources of blue light emission

In the modern day and age technology has become a vital part of our everyday lives.

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives.

What is more, our schools and workplace heavily rely on technology devices to stay up to date.

Little do we know what we are compromising by constantly staring at these screens all day.

Blue light damage

1.Eye harm

Just like staring at the sun for too long with the naked eye, too much exposure to the blue light has its disadvantages.

Excessive blue light decreases contrast and with the fierce rays may slowly and therefore damage the retina permanently resulting in loss of vision.

the damage blue light is causing to the eyes

We are also at risk of migraines and deteriorating body muscles.

2. Influence on the sleep cycle

Furthermore, Studies have also proven that it reduces Melatonin which is essential for our sleep cycle thus it can be destructive for our sleep cycle.

Using technology devices also cause insomnia because the blue light tricks our brains into thinking it is daytime.

This leads to low melatonin levels at night.

On the picture below you can see the optimal melatonin and cortisol levels throughout the day.

the optimal levels of melatonin and cortisol throughout the day

Blue light filters

To counter the rays, the blue light filter feature also known as the night mode was created in new rolling technology devices.

It acts as protects the retina from the vigorous rays from straining the eye.

This immediately decreases the color balance and contrast of the display.

As a result, users can browse the web and read text on their devices for a long period of time without the dangerous side effects.

The night filter helps in ease of sleep for the individual.

You can activate this feature in the display section in the settings. Older devices can access attain this feature through numerous third-party applications.

night mode

It is especially important for children as they have weaker and more sensitive retinas.

Kids now spend most of their leisure time glued to Television screens and gaming consoles.

Modern school policies include tablets in place of childrenโ€™s books and studies. Teachers lecture students through projectors omitting such light.

In addition, kids can benefit greatly from about the blue light filter. That way, they can use devices for a longerย period of time without compromising their optical health

digital classroom equipment in primary school


Following the release and benefits of the blue light filters opticians too have become aware of the dangers of the blue light.

They have now released contact lenses and spectacles, known as blue light blocking glasses.

They have reflective coatings protecting from the harmful light from the screens and the UV rays of the sun.

blue light blocking glasses protecting the vision by reflecting blue light

In conclusion

Iris - Software for Eye protection, Health and Productivity

We need to carefully review our daily routines and cut down the usage of technology devices to a minimum which comes at a cost to our health and eyesight.

Also, we should encourage our children to turn to libraries and books instead of e-Books.

Inevitably we are all slaves to technology we must make sure we are shielding our eyes with the help of blue light filters

Irisย has the blue light software solution that you need.

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