Does blue light damage your eyes?

Millions of years ago people lived in sync with nature.

When we lived in caves we didn’t have light bulbs and this somehow helped our circadian clocks to stay on track with the natural day and night cycles of the sun

Then people started using candles which have color temperature around 1800K which was still fine

The Incandescent light bulbs time was also good because the light emitted from this lightbulbs is with color temperature around 2800K.

Basically, the lower the color temperature the less blue light the light source emits.

In contrast, LED light bulbs and monitors both emit around 6500K.

Is it bad?

Sleep is one part of the problem with blue light.

The bigger problem is actually that blue light enters deep into our eyes and it’s high energy light.

You may know that the UV light is really bad for our eyes, but you probably don’t know that the blue light is also a big problem.

How to fix this?

As you can guess the best solution is to live in a cave and to get only full spectrum sunlight but we all know this is impossible.

Try to avoid light at night and if you just can’t avoid all light and need to get some work done on your PC you can use Iris to block both the Blue Light and the PWM Flicker

Download Iris

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