Does lot of exposure to computer screen and laptop screen cause dry eyes or is it age-related problem?

Actually, both can cause dry eyes and while we can’t fix the aging problem (yet), we can fix the toxic exposure from a computer screen.

The main 2 bad things that monitors do are:

  1. Emit Blue Light

    Artificial blue light is very bad for our eyes and at the same time, it’s emitted by almost everything. It prevents us from having a good night’s sleep and can lead to macular degeneration in the long-term
  2. Use PWM Flicker

    I know it may sound a little crazy but our eyes basically look like this while looking at a flickering screen:

Which as you can guess, is very bad for our eyes.

PWM Flicker is basically the computer screen turning on and off again thousands of times per second and while we can’t perceive it with our eyes our brains can

The best thing to do while having both these in mind is to download Iris

Iris can lower the amount of Blue Light down to 0% and is the only program that can also fully remove PWM flicker

Download Iris

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