Download F.lux For Windows

What Is The One Thing That Is Missing On Your Windows?

Have you installed the best version of Windows in your computer?

Have you done your best to set all of its features and functions as per your requirement?

Well, if yes then wait for a while and think of what one thing is missing in your Windows and while you are trying to figure it all out, think of your eyes and their protection.

If you haven’t yet guessed the answer then don’t worry because here we are to answer your and tell you all the necessary detail that you should know.

What Is F.lux?

Your Windows and your computer is basically missing the F.lux software and you need to download it as soon as you can.

F.lux is an amazing graphical display that shows the current position of the Sun. Yes, you read it right, this software is made all intelligent and it is extremely useful for someone who wants to protect his eyes.

The best part about this software is that it can adjust the brightness of your screen according to the night and day time and even you can control the brightness by yourself according to what suits your eyes the most.

F.lux comes with features that you’ve never even thought of, with it you can easily do the color sensitive work without worrying about changing the brightness of the screen.

The use of this software depends upon your use of the computer in the office, make sure that you are using the computer in a place where the light doesn’t change much so that f.lux can do its job properly.

If you are someone who genuinely cares about his eyes and wants to protect them from the damage of blue light then you need to download this software right at the moment.

You see not only F.lux can be a life-saver for you in fact, there are plenty of other applications and softwares too that can put a filter on the blue light of your screens.

For example, Iris, it is also an amazing and outstanding software that can put a shield between your eyes and the blue light of your screen which is the need of the hour.Β 

How Does Iris Work?

IrisΒ works by adjusting the blue light of your screen as per the light around you so that the screen light can appear natural to your eyes and the sharpness of it won’t irritate your eye.

You see, when too much blue light is exposed to your eyes, it becomes difficult for you to have a sound sleep at night but with Iris things are totally different and by using this filter you can have a good and sound sleep because there is no strain or stress on your eyes throughout the day and that is exactly what Iris specializes in.

Moreover with Iris you will never again feel stressed out or tired even if you have been using the screen all day long because Iris makes your screen and the light coming out of it so natural that it is not at all disturbing for your eyes and especially, your retina gets filtered blue light which is what you need to protect your eyes.

So, do try Iris for once and you will be impressed by the magic with which it comes.

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